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Shadowbringers - Complete

Due to being easily distracted, it's taken me until now to complete Shadowbringers - but it was worth the wait. Great characters, quests, and overall narrative.

Of course, there's plenty still left for me to do, including the post-expansion content. I'll begin slowly working my way through that as I work to catch up on Hand/Land stuff; I'm a ways off, but am aiming to have everything ready for when Endwalker hits.

But this does give me an excellent opportunity to meet other players, now that I'm not (as) focused on MSQs: I've made a few solid friends through this game, and am hoping to continue that trend going forwards. I'm also expecting to branch into the RP aspect of the game more fully than before.

If anyone else needs help from a tank, or fancies expanding their network base for RP or general progression/raids/dungeons, please do send me a message. I'm always up for helping out where I can, and getting to know more folks.

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