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Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

Hello, World! Allow me to introduce myself, I am a rather shy, female, newer player to this game as well as MMORPGs in general. I have been a fan of games for most of my life even if it's been years since I have played much at all and have happily rediscovered games due to quarantine. I am fascinated with the idea of clean roleplay and I would love to meet new people on here. I have some experience with creative writing and I am hoping that roleplay will help me become a better writer as well as have fun and make friends in-game. I am a little shy to just reach out to people even to just say "Hello!" (at least for right now) so I thought I would start with this little blog entry. Also, I feel this would be a good place to add notes about my character for my future reference.

I am a woman both mentally and anatomically, as is my character I play in-game. Her name is "Justine Winter" and she is a newly-minted Black Mage (Level 32).

What's with the name, you ask? Well, because my character's parents had planned on having a boy they had chosen to name "Justin" because they thought that would be a "CUTE" name for their child to have (and being teased or beat up was not something they were realistic about when they were picking out names). So, when they proved to be mistaken about her gender when she was finally born, they added the letter "E" to her name's end to feminize it (FYI: her name is pronounced "just-TEEN") so that the "Birth-Announcement Cards" would look correct when sent out to friends and family. Her parents had already had these made out by an expensive calligraphy artist (apart from the date), so they wanted to alter the cards as little as possible to avoid having to pay extra money to do them over entirely.

If you asked my character's opinion about the story of her childhood, she'd say it all went pretty much downhill from there. That is a story for another time, though!
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This character has been deleted.

This is something I was trying to do for a while now and I still haven't really figured out where to look or how to go about it properly.

I do know that there are several roleplay "tags" that the roleplay communities have been generally using that you can put into your Search Info that tell other roleplayers what styles you're into. I don't really know what they all are, though, so you might have to ask around.

Midhuri Dheo

Sargatanas (Aether)

The way you spelled it is also the correct writing of a french female's name.

from wiki: Justina and Justine are anglicised versions of the Latin name Iustina, feminine of Iustinus, a derivative of Iustus, meaning fair or just.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Welcome Justine : ). I hope you find a strong RP group and have fun with it all!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

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