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ACROSS: Foundation Date 03/10/2020


The one year anniversary of the Across Free Company as it exists in FFXIV approaches!

I intended to start this blog back then, but it's hard to write about something when.. very little is going on, as is usually the case in brand new companies.

Now is much more exciting. We are a bustling, active group, with lots of fun random events and challenges, regular events (though not yet on an actual *consistent* schedule), learning groups where we teach newer players the ropes in Ex/Savage content, steady progress in new areas, even movie nights being planned!

It's funny that I had picked today to start this, with the 3 weeks countdown started. Rather unexpectedly, this post has become extremely bittersweet for me.

See, Across started when a group of us that raid together really just wanted to have the food buff on consistently! That's all we wanted! The FC we were a part of at the time was a larger, more social, and newer player oriented FC; we were lucky to have found each other, really.

So we left that FC (and maybe stole a few other players as well), and created Across! With food buffs always! (Well, almost always... when prices crash enough eventually, other things become more worthwhile. :))

I, sadly, was released from my raid static just last night. I shall spare details, but it does make the plan of writing this post today so very very ironic.

In any case, I still treasure my FC, and I aim to make it the best experience possible for its members.

If you're looking for an active place, that can use your talents, whatever they are - we've even had crafting events, for heck's sake - give us a look! We have a lot of great benefits, including helping you gear to current patch, providing food and potions for endgame fights (yum!), crafters abound (we may start our own crafters' guilds!! lol), learning parties (can use great teachers!!!)... and did I mention movie nights????

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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

We gotta hear the details of why you were kicked out of your static.

Tiger Paws

Excalibur (Primal)

I'm looking for a new fc I'm in levi atm but would be willing to server transfer to this fc world I'm looking for laid back good and honest people and not have drama please write me back if you can :)

Ashira Mira

Excalibur (Primal)

Tiger, I replied to you on the Across Community Board. Can you hit us up on Discord? :)

Kupo - see new post. LOL :)
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