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sleepocat - [NA] [LFM] [6.2+] [HC] [Speeds] [Prog]

sleepocat - [NA] [LFM] [6.2+] [HC] [Speeds] [Prog]
sleepocat is looking for 1 TANK & 1 HEALER for 6.2 savage prog, speeds, and eventually Ultimate prog.

sleepocat is a rising speedrunning and hardcore prog group looking to compete at the highest level in both regards. After our first serious tier in 6.0, we finished 4th overall and 1st on P4 doorboss for speeds. We’re looking to continue improving and perform even better for 6.2!

We also want to do 6.2 Savage prog with our speedrunning roster, aiming to clear within the top 15 for progression. Seeing as we were 25th in 6.08, we believe this goal is very attainable.

The majority of the members have been together since 5.3, and are looking for 2 like-minded players that will help us accomplish our goals. We’re a group of players receptive to feedback but also willing to help those around us for the betterment of the community.

Hours/Times (EST-based):
6.2 Prog: Alarm clocking Savage, hardcore prog with 16h-18h first day, with breaks. All proceeding days may have similar or reduced hours until clear. Up to group discretion.
6.2 Speeds: 23hr+/week of speeds. Ideally we stack the hours Friday-Sunday. Even partition only. Start optimizing early and running until 6.3.
6.3/6.5 Ultimate: We are taking the week off for hardcore 12-14hr/day prog. We are willing to find replacements for Ultimate only if you are able to make the previously stated hours/times, but unable to match the times for this prog.

- Be able to meet the hours above for both Prog and Speeds.
- Please have a mic and a willingness to communicate.
- Be consistent, even under long hours.
- Have an ALT for SPLIT CLEARS for 6.2 starting week 1.
- Know your role at a high-level.
- Have a team-oriented mindset.

- Have crafters leveled for instance repairing.
- Must be able to pay crafters for gear during week one.
- Be able to provide screenshots and/or short clips of prog for 9ths (via shadowplay or other means).
- Be able to optimize / spreadsheet.
- Perform for raid damage over your personal parse.
- Flexibility in your role, as you will be required to play the most optimal job for speedrunning.

Tank - Apollo Van-Waddleburg @Malboro
Healer - Aria Aoki @Goblin
Melee - Jackal Ka’tui / Jackal Ka’ton @Goblin
Melee - Ty Ci @Goblin
Ranged - Noya Ki @Goblin
Caster - Eksu Plosion @Brynhildr

If you are interested or have any questions, send a DM to Noya#0019 on Discord or noya_23 on Twitter. We are not planning on trialing anyone for the next week at the time of this posting.

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