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FC House is Sorta Ready for the Starlight Festival

Greetings to anyone reading this,

I want to start off by saying Indignation FC was blessed enough to upgrade to a mansion when the new wards came out so we are now located in the Mists, Ward 19, Plot 15 (Excalibur)! Going from a small to a large was a drastic change so we still have not decorated much of the FC house and will not have time to do so until mid/late December so it's pretty bare at the moment. :/

However, the main corridor is all dressed up for the starlight festival and we have a fun gpose area right at the front! You can do /sit on the presents right in front of the tree for cool screenshots sitting on the presents. :) So if you are on primal, you are welcomed to stop by and use out holiday photo booth!

Once again we are located on Excalibur, The Mists, Ward 19, Plot 15
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