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Titan Hard Mode DPS(some healer tips) Guide Part 2

Weight of the Land: This move is a circular AOE on the ground. I cannot stress enough to be ready for these when they pop up. Healers should heal during the attack before these pop up and DPS should be mobile right as the last attack ends to quickly evade these. Getting hit by one won't take you out, but as the battle progresses the number of these increase. During phase 5 I highly suggest that the DPS stay out of the middle of the battlefield as to not let these cluster and down the healers. Healers I suggest you move into heal during the attack before and quickly disperse outwards as it ends.

Mountain Buster: Do not for any reason move in front of Titan during this move in his rotation. It is highly dangerous and will probably insta-kill you. Avoid this move at all costs.

Earthen Fury: Will only happen after Phase 4(Heart phase) Will either wipe you party or do a high amount of damage depending on whether or not you downed the heart. Group together so you can be sure to heal.

Bombs: These only happen in phases 3 and 5. In phase 3 there are two patterns. The first will be a circular pattern. You should locate the first bomb that landed and the last bomb that landed. Group near the first bomb that landed then move to where the first bomb was after it explodes.
The second pattern is an in-then-out pattern. Just sit between the bombs at the edges of the map and you should be fine.
In phase three there are three patterns. Two are identical but faster to the ones I just mentioned. The third and final happens first. It is three clusters of three bombs. Sit in the middle of the last cluster that landed and dodge landslide/move towards the first bombs after the explode. Landslide and bombs will explode simultaneously in phase 5.

So here's what needs to happen:
Phase 1: Either full dps until the end of phase 2 or build half bar of LB then full DPS. Dodge Landslide as needed

Phase 2: Full dps, make sure to dodge Landslide and Weight of the Land as needed.

Phase 3: Save large cooldowns/damage buffs for the next phase. Do what dps you can while dodging landslide, weight of the land, and bombs.

Phase 4: If you can't make it past this phase within a few tries, you may want to get better gear or regroup with people with better gear as to do enough dps to down the heart. You'll want to wait for the first gaol, free the person from it, then use all of the dps you can to down the heart as quickly as possible. Titan will gaol a 2nd person but wait until the heart is downed to free them. Dodge landslide and weight of the land as needed.

Phase 5: Do not try to nuke the boss in this phase. Focus on staying alive and dodging and do what DPS you can along the way. He will gaol a person here and there, free them as quickly as possible, but mind your surroundings and remember the rotations. There will be a large amount of weight of the land so be careful not to cluster together. Follow all the move tips and this fight is yours.
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