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Crosses and noughts and more crosses

I’ll start with the (only) serious business of this little Blog of mine, which is the progression for Emerald Weapon EX.
So, I wasn’t home for a couple hours today and my bosses even managed to steal half an hour of my miserable life via telephone because they didn’t know how t- ah, I digress. Let’s get back to us.
I managed to find a practice Party for phase 2 only (just what I needed!), although we didn’t spend much time together (~35 minutes) because I had other IRL matters to attend to.

Apparently, I either had a slow companion or unprepared healers (or perhaps both?) at my very first learning attempt in phase 1 yesterday: in doing the orbs today, I noticed everything went more than perfectly. We didn’t even lose half life during orbs pop, and healers could easily heal us at full life while we were headed to the next orb. I suppose it’s also because of SCH’s shields though, that we didn’t lose that much life.
So phase 1 is now scalped in my mind and poses no threat at all. As for phase 2... I still have some work ahead because of Tertius Terminus Est.

Primus Terminus Est is quite easy to manage even without full coordination as long as someone doesn’t position themselves in such a way that they cleave a whole row of players. Happened some times yesterday, never happened today, which is cool.
Tertius Terminus Est, on the other hand, eehh... I still suck at it. Moving around the boss like crazy because of positionals didn’t exactly let me fully grasp the entirety of the drop sequence most of the times, but when I could realize the order, I usually either was too slow to get into the first safe spot, or AoE tick fucked my timing and I still ate the third (or second) set of swords. I also need to fully understand how thick the AoEs exactly are, but I think I almost figured out. So essentially I have to be fast and move out as soon as the first set explodes instead of waiting for the flames to go away before start moving again.
A question popped in my mind during the fight: as said above, I couldn’t fully focus on the drop sequence, but I came to notice some spots didn’t exactly feel random to me and that sometimes a set of sword dropped in the same manner as a previous try. So I asked myself if there were limited patterns in which the swords could drop and the crosses position. Thanks to Annabel Ashcroft’s comment to my previous Blog, apparently my doubts were well founded: there are limited patterns in which the swords drop and create crosses! More precisely, it seems 3 possible patterns are possible, and now that I know them, I hope I can make this part a muscle memory piece of cake just like phase 1. Reading though their Blog and watching the Tertius Terminus Est patterns video linked in it really, really helped me out. I’ve learned so many things from them, one of them also being the fact the west side is never safe (Tofu and another player told me to always go east, though, so I kinda expected it) and that the second set of swords is always the west one (which is probably why the west is never safe in first place).

Another thing I learned is that damage dealt to Black Wolf is not just fully translated to Emerald Weapon, but it’s amplified! Now that I know it, to hell my strategy of “I’ll save Lance Charge for when EW will be back” (the buff perfectly aligned with the Black Wolf’s appearance) and I’ll just try to smash him as much as possible even by using True North in order to land all positionals (being so small, it’s hard to tell where I exactly have to go to land them, especially when there are two or more melee DPS with you and the ground marker becomes barely visible) and get the juicy Raiden Thrust 100% times.

In the end, the second Legio Phantasmatism didn’t feel that bad as I feared. Granted, players must move pretty quickly during this phase though. Even I ended up eating a Vulnerability Up a couple tries because I was too slow at changing lane. I guess I should work on my movement speed once I figured out the fight fully. I might consider using Sprint too, actually, until that point...
During our little time together, we managed to get to enrage 4 times out of 6, which isn’t bad I daresay... although we always got there with no less than 16% HP left on EW, just to give the idea of how many times players died, me being unfortunately one of the most loved by the floor.

I’ll have to do reclears tomorrow in order to get the weekly drops from Eden (normal) Raids, so I’ll be extremely busy between roulettes on both characters and reclears, so I totally won’t be able to test these newfound informations and strategies (I don’t even know if I’ll be able to actually do everything before going to bed), but I’m looking forward to my next attempt!

Back on.. way less serious topic: as mentioned in my previous entry, I made a DRG glamour for Enesha. So.. here it is:

I admit I had a slightly different idea for the glam in the beginning, hence why I colored the helmet (the first, mandatory piece) so. Maybe I should change the color a little...? I dunno, but I’ll try to.
I also kinda didn’t expect her.. “prominent” forehead to be that noticeable with the visor lowered. I wish there could be a long-haired haircut with also mid-to-long hair on the forehead or single bang... They’d be my definitive ones.
It’s in no way a definitive glamour for her DRG, but it’s pretty close to the one of the story and the timeline she comes from, so I can live with it for now.
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Hey, keep going, you'll get it. ;-)

Once you guys finally get the deaths minimized, you will have the DPS to clear. Also, try LBing during the Wolf, the bars will NEVER get to 3 so there is NO reason to save it for the end, use it during 2nd Wolf phase if you want. In fact, it you do it on the 2nd wolf, by the time the enrage comes you will actually have 1 bar full to use it again! ;p
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