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[Gaia DC]Ultima(UWU)Recruitment After 8pm JST

Thanks for Browsing! This is recruitment for UWU (Ultima Weapon Ultimate) prog from beginning party.

- Start after we gather full party. ( around 1 week or earlier ).
- 2-3 hours in 8 - 12 pm JST / 4-5 times per week ( Wednesday-Sunday ) / Additional can be / Scheduling will be end of week.
- Goal : Cleared it at least 1 lap (another up to request).
- Strategy : Refer to Mintoto's Video for base strat.

- character is in Gaia
- cleared Eden Savage (without Echo).
- No Ultimate experience, Have prog experience or Already cleared are welcome.
- can communicate in English (Most will use English).
- VC ( Listen is optional)

Current Member :
T1 : x
T2: x war
PH: △
BH: △
D1: x nin
D2(melee,cast): △
D3: x mch
D4: x SMN UWUproged,TEA cleared

- 24/7 PH or BH (neither ok) & 1D or 2Healers

Application :
- Character name
- Server / Job

Discord :Whize#0363
Send Tell: Whize R'ias@Ridill
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