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A story told at the Wench.

"Eh?... Sod off, welp, I'm in the middle of me ale."

"What? A Story?.. What, of the primals?... ultima?... Huh? MY story?.."

"Heh. Hehe. Allrigh, laddie. Pull up a seat. It'll be a while."

"T'was someodd 17 or so years ago... I was but a whelp meself, not young enough to still be sheltered, but hardly old enough to work. Me mother was a merchant, an' me father was arms deep in managing trade goods to ul'dah. Despite being plainfolk, we made our earnest in Ul'dah. I had started being taught the nature of trade and travel by me father. As time passed on, I learned to hold me own quite well against most odds, but I was never truly prepared for the greatest change in me life. Around when I was 17, maybe 16? Been so long. anyways, around then a real storm had started brewin'. One of the upper class bastards started a nasty plot, and fed what some odd hundred refugees the ever-deadly combo of Drugs, Weapons, and Malice. One thing led to the next, and we have a riot of grand proportions break out... Hehe, man, does hist'ry repeat itself... Anyways, when the riot broke out.. thas when it all changed. Me mother was gut by a briggand who brandished a rogue's arm, and me father, caught at her corpse and grieving like a man gone mad, had been taken into custody as her murderer. He was executed since what he never regained his sanity in time to clean his name. Or, maybe he was screwed to die by one of them money greedy bastards to begin with. I never knew. What I did know, was at the time of the riot, I was fortunately away from town. An ol' pirate captain I had done deals with b'fore fer the odd bit of stale rum and the herb for a smoke here and there was in the area, and I was livin' old times with him. When I came back... I was in shock. I went reelin'. And inside me, a fire of rage began to ember, then smoulder, then burn. Brighter, and brighter, til' you could almost feel it standing near me. I could never undo the false justice wrought down to my father, and I could never unmake the end of my mother. But I shan't ever forget the thing that made me the monster of a man I am today. This burning anger made me flee ul'dah, where I went to the last place I had just been. My ol' friend was still there, gods bless, and he was terrified to see me so seethed. He asked me what granted this passionate rage within me, and I told him. He thought long and hard, and decided that I was right to leave. However, he knew I naught an idea where to go from there. So, he offered on the spot to take me with him. I pondered this idea for what felt like an eon, standing there with the fire continuing to burn in me... until I finally reached clarity. I cannot unmake the fate rendered unto me, and if I'm ever to soothe the fire within me, the sea's a big enough body of water to do it. So, I joined his wagon. And eventually, his ship. I sailed for many many years with that man.And he taught me near all he could. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He could have been the spitting image of my father, had he not been a Roegadyn. But, despite my voyaging, I could never quell the undying rage. Nay, as time went on, dare I think, it only grew brighter, and burned fiercely. Upon my 30th, the captain decided that my voyaging days needed to end if I was ever to find peace, and make amends to my past. So, when we next stopped, he told me I was to get off. I hugged 'im, I did. For I never could thank him enough for raising me where my family could not. It fated that the next stop we made was a stop we made many times before; Limsa Lominsa. I had never actually stepped into the city before, I preferred to be on deck... I wish I had done elsewise. It was astonishing. White walls, cobbled ground, and pirates, sailors, and unsavory types all round. I followed my instinct, and damn glad that I did, for it led me to one of my best 'o friends that I never expected to make... Speakin' of. Oi, Baderon! Yeh up for a game of triad???"

The drunk man wanders off with the bartend, to play some cards. You're not sure what to make of his tale, but his words sounded sincere.
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Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Great read. Thanks for posting.

Rin Ishigaki

Ifrit (Gaia)

Wow! It is great to see FFXIV stoytelling. I love it!
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