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The Adventures of J'mond Reugost'a: Part 1


Hello. The pic is where my Brynhildr alt is at in the story.

On another note,

I feel like I'm starting to write the backstory/side story for my character that I've always wanted. I got carried away. I'm still not sure if I have all the included lore down, but this is the first attempt that I will share. I was inspired by the official side stories here on the site and love getting to know the characters and setting that way. I'm still reading the Tales from the Shadows.

It might confuse people later, but I might change my character name to join a roleplaying group. I may change it to fit the story or explain it to better fit the lore.

I'm planning three parts. Alert me to typos/errors so I can fix them. Other constructive feedback is also welcome. I hope someone out there likes it.

Enjoy, if you have the time.

The Adventuring Party's Behest

Warrior of Light,

Your services are again required. Please meet us at Rathefrost at the indicated time.


Three adventurers and a short merchant splashed cautiously through a swamp. From the trail leading out of it, the sounds of a harp and a man’s singing voice gradually came into focus.

A blonde woman with skin the color of verdigris, one of the taller pair of the group, put a hand to her rapier. “Does the Twelvesdamned fool want to call the whole Tangle to him?” she hissed.

The other tall individual was an Elezen gladiator who pointed out a dead malboro pinned to one of the trees. The Roegadyn woman's eyes darted around to see if there were more and took a second look at the dead monster. The others ignored it and sloshed past. They were eager to drain their boots as they reached the path to the vista.

They were greeted by the afternoon sun reflecting off of crystallized flora at Rathefrost and the last verses of the ongoing song. The voice belonged to a brightly-dressed Miqo’te bard who flicked his feline tail as he played. He appeared to be singing to the monumental dragon corpse wrapped around the downed airship jutting from the lake. He noticed the newcomers and began singing to them instead.

“...Through dreams, Menphina sent me to find Dalamud, her hound.

Traveled to Calamity. To Eorzea I was bound.

Helpless, every eye I see. One opportunity found.

Salvage, skirmish, duty. Disaster, sky to ground.

In Nymeia’s tapestry, to three strangers I am bound.

We met at the Calamity. It’s not a story passed around.”

Soft clapping issued from a small pair of hands at the final note. An immaculately-clothed Lalafell man, white-haired and violet-eyed, stepped forward. “I am aware your skill extends beyond the musical, master bard.” His voice rang out over the water below, giving off more an air of an academic lecturer than a trader of goods. “I thank you for your punctuality, J'mond Reugost'a.” He waved to the other three and they approached. “I would very much like to hear the rest of your song when we have the time."

The bard motioned joyfully. “Hello there!” In contrast to the merchant’s choice of fashion, he almost appeared clownish. Earnest, bright green eyes and fangs formed his smile.

He suddenly nocked an arrow, drawing his great bow and squarely aiming at the shorter man. “K.L., I presume? Are you another debt collector, or one mistaking me for the fabled Mr. Ortegus?”

The adventuring party had already drawn their own weapons and the air crackled and swished with deadly aether. The merchant raised his arms in surprise, but quickly regained his composure. He chuckled and said, “No, there’s been a misunderstanding. Was my note so suspicious? We’re not debt collectors, bandits, or Imperials and your services truly are required. Surely we have nothing to fear from a man of your reputation. We have nothing to hide. Clearly, I should have provided more details.”

“You are correct, and I’m sorry.” He slackened his bowstring. “I also tend to find no one but pilgrims and those who come to harass them out here, so I’ve been feeling a bit protective of this area.” said the bard, cocking his head at the Scholar stone embedded at the landmark tree’s base. “Well, here I am. What brings you to this corner of paradise?" He looked at the gladiator and his eyes widened in recognition. "Valideaux? Command says you’re Flame Sergeant now!" J'mond beamed.

An auburn-haired Midlander woman in yellow robes cleared her throat.

"It's good to see you again, too." he told her, his face inscrutable. "Shileah." he said, letting the pause go on for too long.

She simply walked up to him while staring at a vertical scar across his right eye. Not reacting, she carefully removed a severely worn map from a tube, unrolled it, and stood next to him. "Mr. Luden will explain.”

The merchant seated himself on a raised facet that was high enough to boost himself up on. "The Syndicate, Revenant's Toll, and the House of Splendors are all seeking an alternate route between Ul'dah and Revenant's Toll." He indicated the settlements on the map, pointing over their shoulders. "Castrum Centri controls the way to Northern Thanalan, but if we blaze a path to Brittlebark, we should be able to find the route marked here.” He pointed to the southwest of the old camp.

"What about to Gridania?" asked J'mond.

"Neither the remnants of the Tenth Spears nor the Guild have any secret passages to report after a thorough investigation into the West Shroud. Nothing we can fit a wagon into for malms and malms between, courtesy of Dalamud's landscaping. They'll have to continue passing through Coerthas.”

The two tall adventurers moved to hold their own hushed conversation out of earshot. "What in the Seven Hells was that about?" said Guldsyng the red mage as she disarmed.

Valideaux kept a jovial air. "He wasn't gonna hurt us. Not too badly, anyway.”

"How well do you know him?"

"He was my captain until recently. First time meeting him?"

"Aye. There's enough hearsay about him to fill the Great Gubal. Has this happened before?"

He snickered. "Only to a poor soul that wandered into the barracks during a training regimen. A presumptive debt collector, who soured the Captain's taste for them."

"I thought he would be a Seeker, not a Keeper. Where is he from?"

"He's not from Eorzea. He might be mixed, the tribes might do things different where he's from, or it is a completely false name." He shrugged. "His name confuses his own kind. I've heard him tell people he just likes the way it sounds."

"Does he know that woman with the star globe?"

"Fury knows." Valideaux stretched his arms. "I've never seen them together before, but I saw her coming out of the House of Splendors with the boss."

"Can you tell me anything about him, then? If that man can afford to get those clothes dirty, I don't doubt he can afford to pay us the gil he promised.” she said, glancing over her shoulder.

"Not really. They hired me before you joined us outside of the Seventh Heaven. Anything else you'd like to know? I'd be full of questions too, in your shoes. We're in great hands now, though. I wouldn't worry too much."

Their attention turned back to the rest of the group as J'mond exclaimed, "Wait, can you say that one more time?"

The Lalafell merchant repeated himself. "Which part? Dalamud?"

The bard's eyes went out of focus as he tried to recall something. "Dalamud? That reminds me, I was here, near the area we're planning to search and-." Another long pause. "What did you say your name was?"

"Kaiden Luden, at your service." Not leaving his makeshift seat, he removed a pair of crimson spectacles from a case and donned them. He began smoking a fogweed cigar.

Miasma drifted distantly over the south, but the sun crept out from the cover towards the jagged spire of the crystal tower in the distance.

"I know you! I just- I can't-"

J'mond Reugost'a began to look uneasy, as if he had eaten something disagreeable. He placed a hand on his head to steady himself because the world and all sensation appeared to begin vanishing before his eyes. He closed them.

“Observe, my fellow adventurers.” coolly explained the merchant. “This man is having a vision, but we have secured his cooperation. Let us prepare for our behest while he catches up.”

Valideaux snorted at Kaiden's choice of words. Having been briefed on the Echo in the Flames, he explained to Guldsyng some lesser-known details of it as they checked their gear. She still seemed concerned as they left the Warrior of Light standing at the tree and headed back down the path to their starting point, eyeing the Hyur and the Lalafell with suspicion.
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Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

A good read. Lala is sus
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