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Aena Myalticc

Ultros (Primal)

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Looking for friends to play

I'm still quite new to the game, especially with FF14 being one of my first mmorpg - if not actually the first one (because those in mobile are quite different). I'm still learning how things work most of the time. And after playing these past months, I have to say...

Its lonely.

I often played single player games but seeing lots of people actually around makes me feel like I want to go do quests and such together with someone. The thing is, I don't really... know how to make friends. Or, like, start a conversation without being awkward? I'm already in an FC but I don't even know how to strike a conversation and get close to others.

So yeah... I'm looking for someone who wants to be my friend, or at least want to do some dungeons and raids together if they wants to.

Thank you, everyone
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Kairu Lightweaver

Twintania (Light)

I was thinking exactly this today!
Right now, I'm on a different data centre. But I'd love to be friends and do some stuff together, I could transfer over in a week or two if you're interested :)

Here's my dicord if you use it, let me know - KW#6847

This comment has been deleted.

Aena Myalticc

Ultros (Primal)

@Kairu Lightweaver
Oh, I just saw your reply! I'm gonna add you on discord real quick :)

Lyhra Mynarho

Ultros (Primal)

true, this world can get pretty lonely without at least a friend.
im also kinda new so, wanna be friends?

my discord is Harmony#4804

Aena Myalticc

Ultros (Primal)

@Lyra Mynarho
Ooohhh imma add you on discord real quick X)

This comment has been deleted.

Lodunost Dotharl

Excalibur (Primal)

I'm super new too. I stopped playing wow now about a year and a few months ago. January of this year my friend starts trying to suck me back into WOW for Mythic raiding. I was able to survive that onslaught. Then 2 weeks ago I was at a friend's house and he asked me to play his 2nd account on Final Fantasy to grind out some fate or something. Now I have the itch and I couldn't just go back to WOW. It was time for a new adventure. Looking for someone to show me the ropes on the game.
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