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Filling a piece long forgotten.

"This world is not yours to end, this our future, our story."

It has been a few months since my last post, between then I have played a lot of FF14 in my free time and I mean a lot (38 days 5 hours) and I don't see myself stopping hopefully.

FF14 came at the right time, I needed something to do between Lectures and studying, and my favorite game at the time Tekken 7 well, it stopped being my favorite with recent updates. Naturally I tried to fill the void with other games and eventually I gave FF14 a try to fill the void.

It did more than that,FF14 has been one of the most positive experiences I have had the chance to see during what is possibly one of the world's grimmest years. Bringing exciting, fun and hectic battles with elemental deities, giant math robots, ancient dragons, fantasy nazis and meteor summoning chickens, gorgeous breathtaking vistas like mist covered forests, busy port cities, forgotten temples, giant plain fields, interdimensional realms, and even the bottom of the ocean topped off with one of Final Fantasy's best narrative and world building.

For me personally, I've a lot of fun memories I can look back too, doing assignments and studying while listening to the OST. Soken's discography has been something I have been listening to on repeat much to my family's dismay. Or the people I've met online, where language barriers didn't stop from having a good conversation.

Since playing I've even catch up on some skills, finally putting effort to learn Japanese starting with understanding hiragana, learning how to handle supply and demand, the free market, applying proper analysis skills and statistics, learning to efficiently manage my time to either finish my work fast to play or get as much progress in the time I play.

Most of the stuff I'm saying is probably just hyperbole and taking games too seriously but, this game is more than that and I hope I can remember all of the good times I've had with it in the future years from now.
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Zack Mueller

Asura (Mana)

Hey Karla,
nice to see you enjoy and having fun even after Shadowbringers MSQ.

Meteor summoning chickens,,,lol, we have to catch them and it's time to start red BBQ!

Karla Sety

Titan (Mana)

Definitely. we've got jobs to master, sidequests to do, red chocobos to beat up and bozja to save
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