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Few known The Crow had an Ancestor. Fewer known who she was. And even less people known that she had no voice of her own. Being made of pure shadow, she originally had no form too. With time, she started to mimic things that she had attuned with. Not long after, she also started to imitate voices to express herself.

Unfortunately, this was a tiresome affair. After flying with the Murder of Crows, the Crow's Ancestor would often just disappear back to her nest to regain a form and a voice.

As forgetting was her rule to be able to contemplate things for the first time and be overjoyed by it, sometimes, She would end up forgetting the powers and forms she imitated. Most importantly, in one fated night she forgot all the beautiful voices she had mimiced. Thus, was left "voiceless".

Once in a while, The Ancestor would just remember how to hum or whisper. She would then try to whisper her wisdom or her joy for the young birds and for the most of the time they wouldn't listen in the midst of their maddening chirping.

After many years of lonely flights on Othard skies, something quite interesthing happened. The Crow's Ancestor found a mortal writer lying on his deathbed. She then did one of the things she was best: mimiced what he could do.

Out of gratitute, she took the writer soul to be reunited with his loved ones. A feat of overcoming her urges to take one more shinie to the nest. "Sometimes making your own copy was better than taking the original. She shouldn't take all the precious thing in the world to her nest, even if she craved to do it."

Months later, with one of her feathers and drops of her black blood, she started to write messages and stories in every old stone or paper she could find. She hoped that those texts, one day or one night, would reach those who lost their joy.

Kugane, July 02th, 2016.
The Crow's Ancestor, a Shade Writing her Ramblings.
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