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Thanks for browsing !!!

We are currently looking for members to prog The Epic Of Alexander (Ultimate) or TEA starting from PHASE 2 on Mana DC.

Raid hours will be almost 6:00pm-8:00pm JST everyday. We will ask members for their availability but required at least 4-5 DAYs a week. We aim to clear before ENDWALKER. If you have already cleared TEA before and are interested in joining us, that would be appreciated (especially with Endwalker so close!).

VC or Discord will be used as a way to communicate during raid (recommended), listen only is an option. People who are comfortable on using external tools to help them during the raid is a PLUS and can prepare for the raid in advance.

We will use Basic Separation, 1211,1-3 for the strat with several adjustments made as we progress through the raid. We will also discuss the strat throughout our progression.

Savage Raiding Experience (e9S, e10S, e11S, e12S clears etc with no echo)
Must use discord to chat (can be listen only)
Can self-study
Have the correct mindset to progress
Not Toxic, willing to take on feedback.

If you want to come as FRESH and think you can put in good work and learn fast, please also give it a go.

Members :

MT :

PLD : Sammie Ruru

AST : Nyx Syncth

SCH : Hibiscus Otori

D1 :

NIN : Raizo Hamura

D3 : Ivy Himura


Contacts :
Nyx Syncth @Chocobo
Discord, Syncth#8574

Please contact us if you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Thanks. Looking forward to work with you.
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