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Log - Week Four

Oh man, the game is starting to make me THINK!

Duty's, or dungeon runs, are becoming much more challenging and are taking a lot longer to complete. And these things are still in the level forty range. I can't even begin to imagine the complexity of things in the level sixty - eighty range. I'm at the point where I feel insecure enough in my healing skills that for any first time run, I am waiting and only attempting the run with FC members, so that if I royally mess up, they are at least patient with me and explain things!

I have been challenging myself to do the daily roulette run with random individuals in order to keep myself on my toes, and to keep practicing my WHM skills and reflexes. I did not progress that much in the MSQ this week, as I only was able to fit some gaming time in this weekend. Although, small amounts of progress are still progress!

I also have noticed that my character feels slow, and I remembered that my FC leader mentioned I needed better accessories. So today I spent nearly all my GIL on accessories in my level range. I googled the stats that are important for WHM, and I think I did OK for a first attempt. I will let the pros correct me, lol. In hindsight I probably should have asked some FC members for advice before buying things, but oh well. Living and learning and trying to do some things on my own. :)
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Still' Heaven

Lich (Light)

Dungeons tend to take around 15 minutes. This is true all the way into shadowbringers. As you tackle higher level content, you will be expected to be able to heal when the tank pulls a lot of enemies. WHM has plenty of tools for healing, specially in the 50-60 range. I personally recommend you only update your armor and weapon until you hit level 50. Keep an eye on item level (higher=better) after that and get good accesories but keep in mind the story gives you better gear anyway.
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