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『The 12th Tonberry Lalafell Walk』🏄

🏄『The 12th Tonberry Lalafell Walk』🏄
Written by Momoka Rin, translated by S'devlynn Chryx / Kukuri Sil'kuri

Japanese version is in the blue link above!

☆Overview: Event Concept☆
Summer is here! Well, it's actually almost Autumn.. but it's still HOT!
Another year of being stuck at home. Why not make some memories with us in the world of XIV \(*´ー`*)?

※We will update if there are any changes!

Please tag your tweet with【#とんべりララ散歩】 when sharing about this event (*´ー`*)

Gathering place: Shirogane 15th ward (x9.6 y15.2)

Date:Aug 28th (SAT) 20:30 JST (GMT+9)!

Schedule:(all times in JST (GMT+9)
20:30~  Gathering
21:00~  Event intro→Event briefing→group photo
21:30~  In front of the Apartments (group photo)
Forming the 'LALA' word on the beach (group photo)
Firework display on top of the rope!
~22:00   Firework display and group photo at the Hidden Beach's Hotspring.
※this timing is an estimation
If you’re interested in attending, please arrive at the venue by 20:30.

■To have fun!
■Other races are welcome!
■Feel free to lead and escort your own group~
※I will be using『Shout』so please display it in your chatbox

■Please dismiss your minions as having too many things on screen will lower down fps.

①About musical performance (Bard)
According to the rules of FF14, if you play songs not included in FF14, all your efforts recording will be wasted as you are not allowed to post it to social medias or YouTube channels. Therefore,【please don't do it】as other people will be recording the event as well.

②About using job skills
When there is a gathering, there are people who enjoys standing out by spamming their flashy job skills, for example White Mage’s [Holy], Paladin’s [Passage of Arms], Machinist’s [Bioblaster] and [Flamethrower] etc etc. These people have been warned every event, so【please don't do it】
as it would interfere with recordings and will also reduce the PC’s frame rate. If combat is needed (mobs aggro-ed), usage of skills is allowed.

③Please refrain from using [Sprint] during the event.

■Polar Bear🐻 ■Any form of yukata👘 ■Swimming suit👙 ■Fireworks🎆

※Here are some examples⤴
◎Participation Requirement◎
Please bring your Polar Bear mounts! You can get it from the current Moonfire Faire Event!

☆The overall flow of the event☆

↑This will be the route this time🚶‍♀️🌟

↑This is where the mini events will be held🎆

●20:30 【Gathering time!】

Gathering place: Shirogane 15th ward (x9.6 y15.2)

●21:00 【Event starts!】
I will be explaining the event. Please wait for a moment.
After the explanation, we will be having a photo session.

※We will be 🎇distributing fireworls🌟 at the bench near the gathering place.

We will take a group photo in front of the first flight of stairs. ※about 5 minutes. 📷

After that we will do the usual callouts:
※This will be the usual callout to begin the walk. This time we won't be lining up.


We will take a group photo on the bridge in front of the apartment. ※about 5 minutes. 📷
We will call out to move to the next spot. To the beach!


All the lalafells will be asked to get on their Polar Bears 🐻 to form the word 'LALA' on the beach!
Please cooperate 🌟 ※If the overexposure is too terrible we may do it without the Polar Bears.

🌟Fireworks Display①

Next, everyone will get on the rope shown above for the fireworks display. 🎇※Time to put on the
swimsuits we brought 👙🌊🌊We will need to swim to the back of the rock to get on the rope.

If you look carefully there is a slope where you can climb on to get on the rock. Let's have fun at the
firework display!🎇 ※about 10 minutes. 📷

After that, please change into your yukata 👘 We will call out to move to the next spot.
To the hidden beach hot spring! ♨

🌟Hot spring, Fireworks Display②, Photospot③, chatting etc

Get into your swimsuits 👙 again for the hot spring and let's have another firework fiesta🎇

🍑Staff Costume🍑
Organizer:Momoka Rin’s costume

The other staffs will be wearing this

※During the event, all the staffs will have an [RP] sign beside their names. For those who are participating, please refrain from dressing similarly to the staff members. Your cooperation is much appreciated. ⭐

That’s all the information about this event!
You don’t have to force yourself to stay until the end of the event and can come and leave at any point of time while it’s still ongoing~
Feel free to join us \o/

ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)v^ー゚)v ヘ(゚ー゚ヘ)ノ゚∇^)ノ

↑Information will be updated here as needed. Do check it out!

PS: My recent interests are shopping, cars, and hot spring♨ I want to go for hot spring trips🤤🤤🤤

Copyright (C) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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