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🌞『The 14th Tonberry Lalafell Walk』🌞

🌞『The 14th Tonberry Lalafell Walk』🌞
Written by Momoka Rin, translated by S'devlynn Chryx / Kukuri Sil'kuri

Japanese version is in the blue link above!

☆Overview: Event Concept☆
The rainy season is finally over☔ and now summer is coming!🌞
Lets enjoy together to welcome summer 🌟🌟🌟

We will be playing around with the recently obtained 'show left/right' emote a lot so do look forward to it! 💗

The starting point this time is the same start area as the first LalaWalk that I organized, so it's a very nostalgic spot💗 I hope to continue making more LalaWalks so I will be relying on your support💗

※We will update if there are any changes!

❣Update on the 20th❣
≪≪I've written the schedule wrongly before!!!≫≫
It's on June 25th (SAT)!!

Please tag your tweet with【#とんべりララ散歩】 when sharing about this event (*´ー`*)


Gathering place:New Gridania, Acorn Orchard(x18.0 y8.6)

Schedule:June 25th (SAT), 20:30 『Gather』 21:00 『start』JST(GMT+9)

Timetable:(all times in JST (GMT+9)
20:30~  Gathering
21:00~  Event intro→Event briefing→group photo Part①→queue
21:30~  『New Gridania』→『Central Shroud』→『South Shroud』→『Eastern Thanalan』→
『Southern Thanalan』Forgotten Springs(Group photo Part②)
~23:00 「Water Fun with Everyone」「Fireworks Display」(Group photo Part③)
※If there is time →「Lala Domino」「Lala Word」
※this timing is an estimation
If you’re interested in attending, please arrive at the venue by 20:30.

■To have fun!
■Other races are welcome!
■Feel free to lead and escort your own group~
※I will be using『Shout』so please display it in your chatbox
※Please dismiss your minions as having too many things on screen will lower down fps.

※A rank mob may appear along the way. Let's defeat them together!!!
※We will be clearing the FATES that appears along the way!!Everyone will be joining!!!
※If a FATE suddenly appears in the middle of the parade, please dash towards it to clear it!!!


①About musical performance (Bard)
According to the rules of FF14, if you play songs not included in FF14, all your efforts recording will be wasted as you are not allowed to post it to social medias or YouTube channels. Therefore,【please don't do it】as other people will be recording the event as well.

②About using job skills
When there is a gathering, there are people who enjoys standing out by spamming their flashy job skills, for example White Mage’s [Holy], Paladin’s [Passage of Arms], Machinist’s [Bioblaster] and [Flamethrower] etc etc. These people have been warned every event, so【please don't do it】
as it would interfere with recordings and will also reduce the PC’s frame rate. If combat is needed (mobs aggro-ed), usage of skills is allowed.

③Please refrain from using [Sprint] during the event.

Participants are requested to bring the following 4 items!!!

①For participants, please wear【White Beret】and【Velveteen Robe】
※Dye : [Beret] any kind of yellow [Robe] any kind of blue.

②At 『Southern Thanalan』Forgotten Springs, we will be playing in the springs! 🌟
Do bring your swimsuits!
※You can wear any of your favorite swimsuit🌟

③「Show Left/Right」emote ❣Very important❣


◎Participation Requirement◎

☆The overall flow of the event☆

●20:30 【Gathering time!】
Gather at New Gridania, Acorn Orchard(x18.0 y8.6)

●21:00 【Event starts!】
I will be explaining the event. Please wait for a moment.
After the explanation, we will be having group photo Part① for 5 mins. Feel free to
use any emote you like!

We will be taking pictures on top of a nearby playground equipment📷🌟

After about 5 mins, we will be lining up for the "LALAWALK"!

I will be leading the parade and we will move towards the Aetheryte. The parade will expand from
there all the way to the White Wolf Gate.
※If there are too many participants we may create two rows.

Extend the queue line in this direction according to the marker A→B→C→D.

❣Special request for fellow spectators, leads and bodyguards❣
We would like to make a shiny archway tunnel for the lalafell parade to walk through from the
Aetheryte to Central Shroud so please use your【show left/right】emote here🌟Thank you for
your cooperation🌟🌟 🌟

After lining up...
will be shouted and we will head towards『Eastern Thanalan: Wellwick Wood』

For the bodyguards, please escort at your own discretion.
※Blue line is the parade route.
This is the route for『New Gridania』→『Central Shroud』→『South Shroud』

     Attention! The Lalawalk parade will be taking a break at『Eastern Thanalan: Wellwick Wood』!

❣Once again, special request for fellow spectators, leads and bodyguards❣
We need your cooperation to make the shiny archway tunnel again on the high bridge with the
【show left/right】emote!🌟🌟🌟

※This is an area where FATE may occur. If one appears, please prioritize defeating it.

Once everyone has lined up...
will be shouted and we will head towards our goal【『Southern Thanalan』Forgotten Springs】
For the bodyguards, please escort at your own discretion. 🌟

『Water Fun with Everyone』

Once you've reached『Forgotten Springs』you can change into your swimsuits! We will be
splashing water and taking group picture for about 5 to 10 mins!
After that we will be releasing fireworks for the「Fireworks Display」🌟🎆

『Last Group Photo』📷『Fireworks Display』🎆
We will be doing this in our swimsuits! Thank you for your cooperation!

🍑Staff Costume🍑
Organizer:Momoka Rin’s costume

The other staffs will be wearing this

※During the event, all the staffs will have an [RP] sign beside their names. For those who are participating, please refrain from dressing similarly to the staff members. Your cooperation is much appreciated. ⭐

That’s all the information about this event!
You don’t have to force yourself to stay until the end of the event and can come and leave at any point of time while it’s still ongoing~
Feel free to join us!

Let's enjoy and have fun before summer starts~~~~~~~!!!🌞🌞🌞

ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ)v^ー゚)v ヘ(゚ー゚ヘ)ノ゚∇^)ノ

↑Information will be updated here as needed. Do check it out!


All company, product and system names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Copyright (C) SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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Grim Reaper

Lamia [Primal]


Gliss Gliss

Goblin [Crystal]

Yay, Yay, Yay ! I gets to go ! I has a presence on Bunkie Land, that's jus a hop away from Tonberries !

I has been wanted to join in one of these walks even since I reads about it, many years ago !

Now I jus has to set my clock so I wakes up on time, and not misses it.

Yay, I gets to go ! This so citing !

S'devlynn Chryx

Tonberry [Elemental]

OMG you came all d way from Crystal! Would love to see you there!! It's gonna be tough due to the time difference so I hope you can make it <3
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