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Market Board Bullying or Gil Farming?

So, I was all excited to see the new craftable decos today and immediately ran out and gathered the mats I needed to craft one of each and put them on the market board, after i crafted a few for myself obviously. I hadn't had my items listed more than 5 mins and was undercut. Ok, thats fine, its part of the game right? Then I started looking into it further. This person has about 6+ retainers and is even undercutting their own stuff. I thought this was a bit odd. I dropped my price and watched. No sooner than the time it took for me to send out my retainer and move to the market board it happened again. I was undercut by not only 1 but 4 of the person's retainers and they undercut their own retainers in the process. I tried to player search only to come up empty. Well I took my search to the loadstone player search. What I found was shocking.

This player is not even high enough lvl to be crafting the new decos, let alone have any retainers? The photo in this blog is their stats. Can you say bot? It's things like this that make crafting to earn money almost impossible. I wish there was something that could be done about this. I'm just here to vent really because its frustrating.
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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Winter it's a frustration we may not see resolved.
If it is indeed a BOT, that Bot is fed by another BOT which indicates the Bot farmer is paying for multiple subs, and multiple retainers. SO, in SE's take multiple subs, multiple options retainers is good, frustrated clients, Bad...but in the end it technically falls under "No rules are being broken". When clearly the bots themselves are TOS no no's.
Conversely, if it's a human much time can a person have on their hands?
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