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is it me or are some servers laggy?

I noticed sometimes that some of the servers are lagging to all hell and back, I'm not sure if it was the 4-day free trialers tearing into the game like rabid dogs, or maybe it was on my end, After some research into my router's repair site and a few funny vine videos, i tried again, not a whole lot better but better than nothing. has anyone else experienced extreme lag?
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Lelekoi Lekoi

Malboro (Crystal)

This can happen sometimes, yes.

I've been playing on the Crystal datacenter for a while now, but they're more laggy for me that the Primal servers, probably because they are located father away from me, I'm guessing. Primal was a little bit smoother the last time I was there, though.

But as to whether or not there's been any recent lag spikes, I haven't noticed much more than the ordinary server delays. Don't know if this helps. :/

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Big lag spikes for me tend to happen around 9pm EST and last for about 15 min.

It's really weird, it's like clockwork. "Uh oh big spike, MUST be 9pm", and SURE enough, it is. ;p

Pandora Demew

Omega (Chaos)

I occasionally get a lag spike when 100+ people suddenly appear in the same area as myself, they are normally there for a hunt. I do not do many hunts now, so it doesn't happen as much as when I was actively doing hunts, but occasionally while I'm out gathering, it will still happen. I do however assume it is like that for everyone present, but yes lag spikes can and do still happen. ^^

However I do hope it gets better for you soon. ^^
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