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Since back when I was buying an apartment, Lavender Beds had always been my preferred location. So I’d been eyeing for opportunity to relocate to LB. And just earlier I was finally able to find a plot I liked. Plot 40 was not my first choice, but it’s fairly close. As I was the only one there (no need to feel bad as no one’s waiting at the placard!), I relocated immediately.

FWIW my first choice would have been plot 22/52, for close aetheryte and MP board placement and an okay front yard “view” that’s not dependent on neighbors.

I’m now completely broke. And the new yard felt slightly smaller, with walls to the side and the back that makes the space felt cramped. But that’s okay.

What’s disappointing was that I found out the types of exterior I want, to go with LB’s surroundings, are actually FC crafts. I can buy them off marketplace, yes. But since I play this game for the crafting aspects, I have stuck to only decorating using items I’ve crafted myself, venture bonus, or duty drops that are sold on MP.

I’d buy mats crafted by others, but not the finished product. So those exterior styles are out of my reach.

I know the blame is on me for not researching ahead of time. But still, I feel disappointed.

I suppose I can try go through house hunting again and buy for FC instead. I’d be relinquish my personal house once that’s done since I have no need for two houses, especially given the housing shortage in game. Then after all the trouble I’d have to manage to get workshop done and craft the exterior I want, all requiring a party of 4.

...My hand/arm/shoulder all seem to be phantom-hurting just at the thoughts of having to go through placard-clicking hell again.


I guess I’ll save up and relocate to Mist instead. My existing Riviera stone walls/roof would be natural there. And I can continue to do crafting etc in my LB apartment for convenience, and save the house for weekend relaxation/fishing trips.

Until then, I’ll try other individually-crafted exteriors would work with LB. (not a fan of the defaults)
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