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Decuple Relentless Rush

0. Abstract
This is gunbreaker skill rotation Tips. GCD2.43 settings.
In content, If the time of interval (the time between "last hit before the interval" and "first hit after the interval") that you cannot hit enemy is
 6GCD~30s (14.58s~30s), you can additionally use "Savage claw" and "Wicked talon" during the "No Marcy".
 6GCD~9GCD(14.58s~21.87s), you can additionally carry over "Solid barrel"3 combo proc.
I call this way Decuple Relentless Rush because it enables you use basically 3WS and
3ablity, and additional 2WS and 2ability. In Japanese , Decuple Relentless Rush called "Ju Renzoku KEN". Japanese "Ju" means English "ten" or "gun". Of course "Renzoku Ken" is "Relentless Rush". It is a pun, sorry hahaha. Anyways, please use it for damage increasement.

1. Introduction
Relentless Rush consists of the following 3WS (weapon skills) and 3abilities, starting with "Grashing fang".
・Grashing Fang
・Jugular Rip
・Savage Claw
・Abdomen Tear
・Wicked Talon
・Eye Gauge
Starting with the 6.0 patch, the combo proc waits time has been extended from 15s to 30s. This combo proc wait time also applies to "Grashing fang" combos, which are WS with recast. This longer combo wait time enable using 2WS and 2ability in addition to the basically 3WS and 3ability of "Grashing fang" Combo during "No Mercy".

It's like this.

2. Gunbreaker basic skill rotation.

Look at it as if you were going around from "No Mercy" like clockwork. Inside circle is WS and outside circle is abilities.
Basically, it is 25 GCD (60.75s) per round and it is turned like this.
Offcourse you must arrange "Blood soil" timing, and the order of normal combo .

To explain in a little more detail, the skill rotation of gunbreaker consists of the following as shown in the diagram.
 ・"No Mercy" Window (1~9 GCD from "No Mercy"): The first 5 GCD is used for strong WS and abilities. The latter 4 GCD is used three normal combos, "Burst Strikes", and "Hyper Velocity". If "Blood Soil" is available, the latter 4 GCD is used 3 "Burst Strikes", 3 hyper velocity, and 1 normal combo.
 ・Soil saving (10~12 GCD): 3 normal combo for saving Soil.
 ・30s burst (13~15GCD): "Grashing fang" combo and "Blasting Zone".
 ・Soil saving daze time (16~25GCD): Use normal combo to save Soil. If "Blood Soil" is available, use it, and if the Soil is about to overflow, use "Burst Strike". Gunbreaker's this time is the weakest compared to other tanks' daze time.
Gunbreaker do not have 120s burst, and its 60s burst is inferior to that of warriors and darknight. On the other hand, Gunbreaker is competing to make up for that with the damage of 30s bursts.

3. Decuple Relentless Rush.
What you do with the Decuple Relentless Rush is basically just to use 1st combo before the interval, and use all resources after the interval. There are any patterns depending on the interval time and resources. The following is an example.

3-1. Without combo proc.
3-1-1. Decuple Relentless Rush (long wait) (without combo proc)

The black square in the figure is the waiting time for 1 GCD.
This pattern is what you use the full 30s of combo procs maximum wait time. Use "Grashing fang", and burst from "No Mercy" after interval. The Maximum yhe interval time is 30s. Do not forget to use "Grashing fang" immediately after using "Savage claw" and "Wicked talon". The usual feeling is that you want to use the "Double Down" and "Sonic Break" as soon as possible. But if you use the "Grashing fang" as early as possible, it will be easier to use the usual cycle of "Grashing fang" ->"Double Down" ->"Sonic Break" in the next cycle.Of course, you can change this depending on the content. If you use the "Double Down" and "Sonic Break" in earlier and as a result use one more during the content, it is stronger.
Naturally, after 30s, the second combo procs will disappear, so the result is simply that you have one less Soil to use during "No Mercy".

3-1-2.Decuple Relentless Rush(short wait)(no combo procs)

If the interval time is not long, the standard time to use Decuple Relentless Rush is from 6GCD (14.58s) of interval time. In this case, the "Grashing fang" recast will be returned in one of the second half of the "No Mercy" window. Remember to use "Grashing fang" when the recast returns; if you are 1 or 2 GCD behind, you will be out of the "No Mercy" window by that amount.
If the interval time is less than 6 GCD, the "Grashing fang" combo will be out of the "No Mercy" window, which is not recommended.
If possible, it is recommended to use the Decuple Relentless Rush in the 7GCD wait time, because the third ability of the last "Grashing fang" combo, "Eye Gauge", will be out of the "No Mercy" window in the 6GCD wait time.

Between these two wait times, Decuple Relentless Rush is basically effective when the interval time is 6GCD~30s.

3-2.With combo proc
3-2-1.Decuple Relentless Rush(long wait)(with combo procs).

You can carry over the normal combo procs as long as they are up to 9 GCDs (21.87s). Remember to use "Solid barrel" after using the 2nd and 3rd "Grashing fang" combo. If you have a long wait time, use early or the procs will disappear.

3-2-2.Decuple Relentless Rush(short wait)(with combo procs)

If the interval time is not long, the standard for using Decuple Relentless Rush with combo procs is from 6GCD (14.58s) of interval time. Remember to use "Solid barrel" before using "Grashing fang" combo. There is more leeway than with a longer wait time, but not enough leeway to use all the strong WS.

Between these two waiting times, Decuple Relentless Rush with combo proc is effective when the interval time is 6GCD~9GCD (14.58s~21.87s).

3-3. without "Blood Soil".
3-3-1.Decuple Relentless Rush(long wait)(with combo proc)(without bloodsoil)

3-3-2.Decuple Relentless Rush(short wait)(with combo proc)(without bloodsoil)

Without Blood Soil, you need to save one Soil to use "Grashing fang" combo and "Double Down" during "No Mercy". Therefore, it is preferable to do Decuple Relentless Rush with combo proc.
Decuple Relentless Rush without "Blood Soil" and with Combo Proc is effective when the execution time is 6GCD~9GCD (14.58s~21.87s).

[Size=32]4.Utilization of Decuple Relentless Rush.
The three uses that come to mind are as follows. Basically, if there is a interval, use it for that time.
4-1. Damage increasement
To increase the damage, simply use it in accordance with the interval time.
4-2. Damage ajustment
If there are multiple times interval or multiple enemies come out, such as in ”Ultimate” or "Phoinix Savage", use it to adjust the damage so that you can conserve damage resource where you have enough and use all of your resources at the end of the interval.
4-1. Treatment
As treatment, increase damage during PT synergy than usual to make synergists happy.Of course Total damage will decrease. The intearval is irrelevant in this case.Since the 6.0 patch, the combo is no longer interrupted by "Thunder Bullet", so you can match it if you use "Thunder Bullet" for 11 gcd before the 2 minute burst synergy comes.If you want to do this, use "Thunder Bullet" 11 times before the burst so that you are in a long waiting state in order to get the "Grashing fang" combo in immediately after ""No Mercy" -> "Savage claw" ->"Wicked talon"" . (2.43s for 1 GCD to turn in "Grashing fang" + 26.73s for 11 GCD of 11 "Thunder Bullet" = 29.16s)

5. Decuple Relentless Rush in practice!
When using Decuple Relentless Rush in actual practice, the form of doing the following is used.
 (1) First, measure the interval time to check if Decuple Relentless Rush can be used. It is better if you measure the time precisely, but if the proc of the normal combo used before the interval remains after the execution, you can confirm that it is at least within 30s.
 (2) Decide which type of Decuple Relentless Rush you want to use based on the remaining resources at that time. You don't have to be too serious about it, and the only two choices are "use "Grashing fang"" or "use 1st, 2nd normal conbo and "Grashing fang"" before the interval.
 (3) Know when to use the last WS before the interval in the content, and "use "Grashing fang"" there. In case of Decuple Relentless Rush with combo proc, "use 1st, 2nd normal combo and "Grashing fang"".
 (4) Burst at the end of the interval. If you are conscious of using up the one you are proccing first, you should not make a big mistake.

6. Acknowledgments
I would be happy to hear any suggestions or advice you may have.
I'm waiting for your AXE!
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