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The Darkest Shadow

Unicorn (Elemental)

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one hundreds orange juices^^

It ’s a story at a North American data center.

I got a present from a stranger.

『100 orange juices』

『5 crackers』

『2 types Magic prism』

『1 Minion Morbol』

I thanked him and made friends with him.

On the same day

It ’s a story at a data center in Japan.

I got a present from a stranger.

『Single flower』

I thanked him and made friends with him.

I'm very happy to receive something lol😊💕
Comments (16)

Sara Star

Unicorn (Elemental)

Gari san, you had a wonderful experience✨
I laughed at "Morbol minion".
l hope you have a good time in FF14 from now on!

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Sara


It's the only minion I have

It's so cute

It doesn't smell ^^


Mii Itio

Hyperion (Primal)

Thank you for playing with me.✨
Next time, I'll prepare a minion for you and waiting.
Your sub-character will be level 50 soon.
When you reach level 50, I want you to see my pretty hard play at "THE KEEPER OF THE LAKE"

Lolosa Losa

Unicorn (Elemental)


Beginner Ton

Valefor (Gaia)


Sakura Coccoco

Valefor (Gaia)

​It was a wonderful day.🌈

​I want to give you a lot of cookies.🍪
I am a cookie factory( ´艸`)

Yue Ichimura

Valefor (Gaia)



Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Mii

I was surprised when you were struck by lightning

Everyone danced around you who stopped

You drank beer together

I was drunk sentimental. sorry

You are a very intelligent and nice person

always thank you^^

Let's go to the lake together
I'm sure i will die

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Losa

You are so funny^^

Thank you for making friends with me

It's so much fun to play with you<3

goodgame goodfriends thx^^


Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Ton

I miss you so much ^^

I have a lot to talk about

Tell me your story

I can't wait for a DC trip・・・・・・

Cute today too ^^

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Sakura

yeah!!! It was a very mysterious and wonderful day!!!

There are many interesting people ・・・・・・you too^^

really? cookie? to me?
Thank you! I'm so happy!

I will fall in love with you if you get a cookie😍💕💕💕

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Yue

It is very fun^^

Your kindness and honesty are good!

Let's enjoy together slowly and leisurely🐢

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Generosity. It's super effective!

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Kahori

I am very happy with the present

I'm happy with the reply ^^

Is your name derived from the PSYCHIC SCHOOL WARS?

Zavi Mocchu

Coeurl (Crystal)

GarimPeiro My Hero

Garimpeiro Gg

Unicorn (Elemental)

Dear Zavi

Thank you^^

Please become a Friend<3
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