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Warrior of Light - End of ARR

I finished the main ARR story over the last weekend and have been doing the bridge content leading up to HW. It took me about a month to finish up the main story line, and part of me still can't believe I've made it to the end. Alas, here am I! Though I still feel very much like a spout.

My goal is to finish up the current released content before Endwalker so I can start as soon as it launches with the rest of the world. Wish me luck!
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Joceline Joestar

Diabolos (Crystal)

Good luck! (And have fun with all the sidequests!)

Seteth Cairdeas

Zalera (Crystal)

Hi Hi!
Another sprout here that recently finished ARR also!
Glad you made it through the first main scenario and I hope you like the looong quests that are in post-ARR :))))))))))
I am also hoping to finish up everything before Endwalker. Hopefully we both make it there in time :)

Also Arcanist Gang represent
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