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7/26/21 - Tenets of the Death God

We are the Cult of Gulgotha, we are the servants of the God of Death, Patron of Necromancy and the End.

While other deities stand at the forefront of Eorzea, Gulgotha is Omnipresent; he exists wherever his believers stand and make themselves known. Through the efforts of Omash-Mi, prophet of Gulgotha, the Cult now entrenches itself among the people of Eorzea in its various corners.

Those whom declare their fealty to Gulgotha must swear to uphold the tenets of the Death God:

- Death is not the end, it is merely a new beginning: The first and most philosophical tenet; Gulgothans do not view death as a means of loss, but more a means of shedding oneself of the boundaries of mortal existence. That which we have acquired in our short lives, we take with us into the eternity that is death beyond it. Eorzeans believe that when one's life is snuffed out, that their mana, their "soul" is returned to the lifestream, washed away by the tides, and renewed again in the cycle of existence. To a Gulgothan, this is not so; upon death, your existence is shepherded by Gulgotha himself; it is he whom determines the direction of your fate beyond death. Should you be spared, he would shepherd you back to Eorzea once more; should you be found burdened too heavily by Life's trials, he may see it fit to awash you with a new existence; possibly through life once more, or for the very blessed, an existence beyond death.

- Undergo the Ceremony of the Unborn: Those whom join the Cult of Gulgotha are required to submit themselves to the Death God by undergoing the Ceremony of the Unborn; through this rite, a prospective member offers up their own mana and soul to the Death God, in exchange for the right to have their creation and destruction governed solely by he. Once one has completed the Ceremony of the Unborn, the contract is sealed, and their tie to the Lifestream will be severed, instead tied to the will of Gulgotha. From this point, you will exist not in a state of Life or Death, you will have renounced your Life, becoming one of the Unborn; one whom has willingly cast aside their Life in service to the Death God.

- Respect your caste, the ranks, and your leaders: The Cult of Gulgotha is split into three castes, which are organized and run by each caste's leader. The Gulgothan Zealotry, the Dark Clergy, and the Agency of Death. You are expected to acknowledge and depict the respect for those within the Cult as their stature deserves. Early on you may be treated harshly, but like the trials of Life, you will be molded and made stronger through this, and soon you too will be given your due respect.

- We Provide, and He Provides: All among the Cult of Gulgotha are expected to contribute to the Cult's resources, and in return the Cult shall outfit and supply those whom do so with resources to help them advance their crafts and professions as well. Should you seek resources, fear not in asking among your brothers and sisters in the Cult to provide you with what you need, or even asking your caste leader to retrieve resources for your craft. (Note: Those whom do not provide for the Cult and are found to be taking rather than contributing will be disciplined.)

- Deal not in the Philosophies of Life: Many of Gridania and the more "finer" races will evangelize the beauty and concepts of Life; there are many whom will attempt to convince you otherwise of the path you have taken with Gulgotha; understand that Life only has a beginning and end; Death on the other hand, has an ever-moving ambition, one that will never tire, and will never cease to continue growing and developing. Once Life has burned out its limited capabilities, all it has accumulated is lost. That said, do not conflate the studies of Life with that of Conjuration, White Magic, and the Arcane. Conjuration utilizes a manifestation of the elements; White Magic utilizes the bending of light and the passage of time; the Arcane encompasses all forms of raw magicka, and in these base methods, the concepts of Life can be separated from their foundational studies. Life attempts to put a overt "good" concept over these magical studies, but fails to realize that these studies are non-aligned at their very cores.

- Acknowledge all, Submit to None: We of the Cult of Gulgotha try to remain open-minded, but when it comes to the focus of Death as the primary governing body of worlds, we will remain steadfast in this belief. We shall remain respectable and speak our minds to those whom engage us in good faith, but we will submit to no other beliefs through brute force or imposed will.

Each of the various castes of the Cult of Gulgotha have their own duties and tenets to uphold as well, you would do well to read up on them should you seek to join among our fold...
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