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ECHO... Echo... echo...

ECHO... Echo... echo...

Archons, Echo, Scions and story. I've a vague memory of walking this path before but yet it all also seems new. My character's place in the story and these Archons is something I certainly didn't recall, heading off to investigate Ifrit however I do. If my memory of times previously attempted is correct I know there is some kind of fight coming to me soon. That's pretty much my limit of experience I've no idea what lays after that... something to do with faeries?

Apparently I'm not far enough into the story to get a Chocobo. With my Marauder level being almost double the expected level for the story quests I'm doing I think a second job is almost required. By bouncing between two I hope I can keep the story level a little closer to my overall level.

I'm going to level Conjurer for sure. Tanks and Healers always get a crack at the content and I'm not afraid to at least try either. Videos I've seen seem to suggest that healing is less of a dedicated support thing and more a weave of attack and support.

Funny aside, I misread how the adding images feature on the blog here works and assumed I could only ever upload 10 images. It's 10 images at any time. So more screenshots I think! A photo-journal of my journey to come! In the meantime I've added some that didn't make the cut to my previous entries... I thought I was limited!

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