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New To In-Game Roleplaying

I have learned as of late that my social anxiety, even in virtual settings, is still pretty intense when I try to plop into in-game RPing. I've not had any bad experiences -- just lackluster ones, unless a member of staff of a venue was willing to sit and chat. But most of the time it's just Meiko sitting awkwardly by herself.

I know there are a ton of venues and Linkshells and god help me, the discord servers that are open for chatting, but like --- I do not like joining discord servers at the drop of a hat. In my past experiences with several discord servers, the more people you've got in a concentrated chat room, the more potential for drama and BS. I am 30+. I will sooner yeet myself out of a server/linkshells/etc than stress myself out with ooc crap.

Which is why originally I was like yeah no in-game rping for me, I'll just stick to tumblr! But then trying to find someone active on tumblr in any fandom is like actively trying to put toothpaste back into a tube.

So! Does anyone have any reccomendations, ideas, shared experiences? I am open to joining a -small- RP group, and I might join a discord server -eventually-, but like. It gets so overwhelming to think about! But clearly spontaneity isn't going to work for me, either.

Meiko's RP info can be found here if you're interested. It also explains in my little rules section that I'm not into the "modern" venues, i.e nightclubs (i.e 80% of all venues). If I do one day go to one of the 'sexy' ones, it'll just be for an ooc silly night with a friend to observe how it all works.

Idk I've not written a blog on this site before so I'm just shruGGING it out there!
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Tiara Clavaris

Phantom [Chaos]

Come join my discord:

we have many crystal player here!

Also I also sometimes have social anxiety. So you are not the only one .

Tiara Clavaris

Phantom [Chaos]

Balmung famous for RP. Try there, many RP players
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