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2022 FFXIV Challenge - Prompt 13: Confluence

Dear Diary,

Have ya ever noticed when two plants grow into one? It's got some special term. A chunk o'one removed and placed atop a chunk o'another. Each plant bleeding upon and within each other, juices mingling, their inner essence combining into - the voids o'life within. There's a bit of guidance by a botanist, I hear - a tender touch, mayhap a wee cloth to bond the two bits together. But given the correct conditions, and a blessing o'the Fates, the two become one.

Not just become one. Nay. They become something entirely new. Unique. Special.

I'd once read of a botanist carefully doing one such maneuver betwixt a plumb tree and a peach tree. The sturdy branch of the plumb was removed, albeit with great care even though 'twas to be cast aside and rendered to ash. The peach tree's limb was hoisted upon it's place, wrapped with thick cloth (much like a chirurgeon would wrap a wound), then a thick substance was slathered upon the shared trunk and branch. Given time and luck, the two were rendered as one. Wee tendrils formed and unfurled into leaves, bearing buds, which in turn grew firm. Their fruit - the likes the star had never seen: both plumb 'n peach - nay - Not quite one or the other, but shared traits of each.

So. Plumbs 'n Peaches. I wonder what else can mingle? Mayhap oranges and peaches? What would that taste like?

Or grapes with an alligator pear? Can you imagine it? Tearing open the ripened green flesh to reveal pearls o'red within?

Mad scientists become botanists and grow all sorts of weird fruits? Rolanberry-zucchini? A tomato that tastes of cloud banana?

Endless possibilities!


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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