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2022 FFXIV Challenge - Prompt 18: (Mystery)

Dear Journal,

Oh where or where has my little dog gone? Or where or where can he be? With his tail cut short and his cape cut long, oh where or where can he be?

Grinly's gone missing. And we *think* he's found his way to Vollder, ya know - the Golden Nugget beast o'a man from House of Virtue.

It looks like Grinly. Acts like Grinly. Eats treats like Grinly. But he was without his collar...

Okay, so there's a few mysteries to solve:

1) How'd Grinly get out?
2) Where'd his collar go?
3) Are his vanishing dog-self and collar related?

If we can't find his collar, there's no way to find the treasure. If that hooligan in the cave wasn't lying, and why would he be? Anyroad, if he wasn't lying: Grinly's a key and the collar's the some untold treasure of grand proportions.

Not that I care. I've got my fortune. But I did promise Tacticus Moon the treasure since he saved my life thrice over in that cave. And now I can't make good on the promise. Grinly's got no collar. We've got no map...

Vollder's gonna watch him for a while. Mayhap I'll find the collar around the house? Hep's got no idea how he got out. Mayhap the fireworks scared him? Mayhap we'll never know...


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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