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2022 FFXIV Writing Challenge - Prompt 27: Hail

Dearest Journal,

In an effort to procure yet more Triple Triad cards to face my beloved Red in combat, I found myself in the tundras of the Coerthas Western Highlands. Well, first the city of Ishgard, where I was able to procure a card or two over a nice hot cup of tea. Then - then the trek to the Highlands.

Shite. I hate the cold. Where it had been a slight drizzle in Ishgard, just the mulms led the weather to far harsher climates. It was colder. The air was still wet, but Farfnir (oh mighty farting stag's last great trek) had brought me to a settlement whose name I don't recall. There was a blonde fella I'd been directed to; said he likes his country and his cards. So, there we stood.

In the swiving cold. The rain turned to sleet and snow. It was okay...for a while - until the wee snowflakes began to bounce off of the ground beneath our feet, and my head. Small pebbles of hardened ice began to pelt from the heavens and we were forced into the building nearby.

But play we did. And play hard! He most certainly didn't take it easy on this lass! NAY! Took several rounds - mayhap a dozen - before I'd beat his arse and claimed his card! Aye! Indeed a card for a Champagne.

I cannot wait to face Rho again! My deck is so much stronger than before. I'll be givin' that man a run for his gil!!


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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