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2022 FFXIV Writing Challenge - Prompt 29: Fuse

Dear Journal,

What do you call it when them fancypants workers smash colored baubles together into something new? Fuse? Nay - meld. Meld. They meld materia.

Taking two separate things and somehow making it into another; sometimes a fancy blend o'the two or completely unique? I don't understand it. Won't understand it. Not that I need it 'cause I don't smoosh any materia into my pockets or my launderpot or my shoes anyroad!

How does somethin' bright red or somethin' bright glowy green make a thing better? Stronger? Hells, some folks say it even makes 'em craft better? And how - just how do they do it? I once read 'twas something about memories and bonds. Or was it bonds and memories? Shite. Something about something.

Magicks, I say. Magicks and mem'ries and bonds.

Mayhap I'd fare better with Sasha's filthy diapers if I coated my launderpot in melded shite; aye? Well, not literal shite, but mayhap one of them blue ones? Or green? I don't even know what colors do what!

I give up...


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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