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Sleepy Book Club

I'm afraid I'm not here to establish an actual book club.
However, while playing this game, one thing I find myself doing often is listening to various audiobooks. I'm not sure how healthy this degree of multi-tasking really is (I feel like I should always be doing at least two things. How unharmonious), but it does certainly help me to relax after a stressful day.

I'd recently started listening to a book called Jin Ping Mei. When I started, I knew it was considered one of the six (expanded from the typical four) Chinese classics, and I knew that there were televised dramas based on it, but what I didn't expect was translation like this:

I feel just like:
A clapper-sounding southern salesman who runs into
a dung-cake peddler and exclaims:
'Don't bother to run through your inventory;
it only gives me the creeps!'
You'd crack melon seeds astride the wooden mule
en route to your own execution:
How superfluous can you get?

Nigh undecipherable at a glance, yet intriguing! Though Jin Ping Mei was written in vernacular Chinese, I can't read much Mandarin, so I currently rely heavily on translations.

Unfortunately, it was a few hours in that I realised that the book is a bit smutty. The whole experience had been a bit vulgar thus far, but it gets much more graphic than I had hoped! Well, there goes my latest relaxing listen.

If anyone has any similar recommendations or anything they listen to while playing the game, please let me know. I'm a picky reader, but I'd love to hear them (but no pressure, I don't actually expect any engagement)!
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