Ruri Stone

Louisoix [Chaos]

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Captain's log Star date 100222.53

Still levelling my Ast to level 70 using duty roulettes and main scenario dungeons. When I reach lvl 70 I can farm for the remainder of moogle tomes, I need to get those strange earrings I have no idea why I want them but I want them. Fat cat is the best.
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Nos' Testament

Jenova [Aether]

If iam not mistaken you can just farm arum vale it gives 4 low exp but the event ends next Tuesday so I would focus on that

Ruri Stone

Louisoix [Chaos]

I had no idea people could comment on here! Thanks for the advice :) I never did get those earrings I just got a whoooole lot of other things, pretty purple things. I think Deltascape 3.0 or as I like to call it the Tealady is seared into my brain forever along with the Praetorium now.
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