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"Mining" Event Round-up 6/20 7PM PST!

Yesterday the "Mining" fellowship had planned to do a "mining" event, starting at Aleport on Hyperion. Unfortunately, the Fellowship's Leader had an internet outage and wasn't able to join us. There was only 3 of us, but we made it work!

We discovered that even Fishers can join in on the fun! They just thwack things to death with their rods, instead, and the noise that come from that is just fantastic. :D

We even saved a couple of people from being KO'd by some unexpected mobs by the North Tidegate in Western La Noscea! We'll save you! Bwahahaha!

Eventually, we moved on to Tailfeather, and tried our hands at defeating chocobos. It was here that we discovered that DoL and DoH have /battlestance, too!

However, because of the chocobos tendency to link, we had to call in some backup:

During this time, we also learned that FSH will occasionally block attacks with their fishing rod, if they are being attacked directly by the mob. It was pretty cool to see Faron bring their rod up and block the attack from the chocobos like one would with a staff.

After about 30 mins of being beaten up by a BTN, FSH, and a MIN, the Chocobos collectively decided that they weren't going to take anymore crap from us, and they repeatedly mobbed Arcanic as soon as they spawned. Emergency job changes to DNC were required to avoid DoL KO. XD

The chocobo's persistence paid off, and we eventually left to explore The Steppe.

It was here that we discovered that CUL can also join in the fun!

The noise their pans make when they hit the mob is just the best thing ever. :D

We had to call in more reinforcements for this area. Given that we were only hitting the mobs for 83 - 130 DMG per attack, we needed the extra chocobo power if we didn't want this to take ALL NIGHT.

Finally, we also learned that defeating mobs with your chocobo as a DoL or DoH counts towards your challenge log entries. I inadvertently got exp as a WVR for killing mobs!

Our little mining expedition lasted roughly 3 hours. Way longer than any of us thought it would, I'd guess! But it was a lot of fun! We had a good time, and we made sure we could all keep in touch with one another after we logged out by all joining the same CWLS. :)
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Couch Tomato

Hyperion (Primal)

This is very thorough! We look forward to other mobs in the future.

Faron Hawke

Ultros (Primal)

awww I wish I had taken some screenshots too, our "mining" expedition was a lot of fun and surprisingly learned a lot of new things about the DoL/DoH classes. Gotta meld some strength materia to my gathering tools next time to take down those mobs faster lol. I'm looking forward to the next "mining" event, hope to see you there again Jayde! ^_^
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