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Endsinger's Aria Extream EN macro

First, a huge thank you to Eve Lucis and Ayaka Stormcaller.
I am a Japanese FF14 player. Also, my English is not very good.
With the help of the party that played with me today, I have completed the English translations of the macros used in Japan, and I am posting them here.
Hope this will help someone.

/p 【Towers】
/p Chain cutting -> TH west, DPS east
/p  T1 D1
/p  T2  D2
/p  H1  D3
/p  H2  D4
/p 【AoE Spread / Light Party】
/p  D1 T1 D2  |T1H1D1D2 West/North
/p  H1 T2 H2  |T2H2D3D4 East/South
/p  D3  D4  |
/p 【Flares Spread / Flares AOE Spread】
/p ※Flares X Shape|※Flares AOE Cross Shape
/p D1/T1 D2/T2 |    T Flare
/p             | AOE  Other D Flare
/p D3/H1 D4/H2 |    H Flare
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