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The Journal of the Ring 2022: Volume 1, BardFest 2

Music is one of the hundreds of ways we have in Eorzea to have a good time, and I will not pass up any opportunity to show you the fabulous fantasies that our neighbours perform.

Hello, I'm Vlak Kraken... well, you say, what? Let me explain a little bit why that name and not the previous one, and what's been going on (but only a little bit). I have been on a spiritual retreat after a severe training with Ljria-Sama. I am no longer part of her circle, and that's good, because it means that I am learning to be on my own. I have become a ronin, although that... my sensei doesn't know yet. I've done some research about people who could help me with you-know-what, but for now, I'd rather be like this, because thanks to this, I can appreciate the world of Eorzea for what it is, and above all, I want to work as a reporter and make a living in the news world. And with this brief summary, let's move on to some news.

Yesterday, our competitive heroes from Cerberus, Omega and Louis, I mean, Louisoix, NEVERLAND RAID GROUP, managed to be the first to get through the new Dragonsong's Reprise before anyone else. We have been on site thanks to our FC partner, Nebu Midnight, and the group of winners, despite the tiredness of the whole week suffering, have been answering questions, as it should be expected from someone so important, they deserve a strong rest. Two days in a row in the last phase. I must be honest, I know nothing of the competitive world in Eorzea, but with this and a few days of gossip on the subject, I need and long to aspire to know a little more every day, just for the sheer competitiveness and to be able to talk to those who do take it as far as they will allow themselves to go. So I may be asking questions about this from now on as well, so be prepared for more stressful, I mean, wonderful chats with your favourite reporter.

Credits to: Nebu Midnight *I love you T///u///T*

And here credits, and their loadstone so you can see all of them appropriately <3

Zeppe Monado@Cerberus :
Mugi Wugi@Cerberus :
Narr Locke@Cerberus :
Shalfu Araragi@Cerberus :
Tera'ul Fiora@Cerberus
Reimi Shirohime@Cerberus :
Impending Death@Omega :
Snap Ringer@Louisoix :


So here I was, watching the atmosphere, the crowd of people having a good time, and me, relaxed, listening to the perfect melodies of our band. Actually, you know I can't stand still at a party unless it's to talk, so I spent half an hour trying to get to the top of the stage, which wasn't the one used by the bands. They had to help me up because I couldn't find the right way, thank you fabulous Viera may the twelve give it back to you. As I have been away from my work for a long time, I was not able to perform to perfection, nor to do everything I had in mind. I was rather watching what was happening on the show side. The truth is that the music we were treated to was marvellous. And even so, I didn't have the capacity to converse too much with anyone, I was scattered, I hope it won't happen to me again in an event as big as this one. I must admit that I arrived very late and that made me miss a lot of shows. But the one I saw, it felt perfect, familiar songs that we could all enjoy without a doubt.

The view from above, it looks so tiny....

And in the meantime, everyone in the best place, the dance floor.

Credits to: Frotin Surge, Leila Allen, Nyx Kaen, Astraea Valeriant, Surana Cynthia *Sorry If I forget names, hope you can talk to me so I can credit!*

And as always, you have to keep an eye on who is doing flashy and radiant events like this and giving it their all IRL, as is the case with BardFest. On this occasion, we have to thank ThatFromageGuy who spent no less than seven and a half hours with this tremendous show, acting as a critic with his accompanists MCFro and DJ DiFlux. and, once the contest was over, as a dj until the end.


I find it amazing that there are people who organise events with such durability and still give their best every second. I hope to be able to attend the next Bardfest they organise, and this time, to be there not only at the end of the event. But we also have to thank the people who work as waiters and security guards to entertain the guests. That's why I'll post some pictures of the people I could find at the festival.

I have to apologise, as I don't have the names of the workers, and I had the chance, but I missed them, I hope that if you read this you will pass me their names and I will put credits quickly.

If there is something that gives life to Eorzea, it is without a doubt the events, the parties, and the people, so don't hesitate to realise any idea that comes to your mind, if with that we can make us all have a good time and not think about the problems, meet new people and entertain the public, and make ourselves known, that is so wonderful... I think that in the short time I have been in Eorzea, never in my previous life would I have thought that something so beautiful could come out of nothing. It may not feel the same for everyone, but for me, it's a new, unique feeling, and I want to do my best to make it perfect. In the next volume, I will do more commentary on the events I attend, and soon when I can, I will start looking for interviews of those who want to tell about their life in Eorzea, as much as they want to of course, and so get to know who they are and why they do what they do.

Now that I am active again, I promise that the next volume will be more narrated and with better news. Moving towards the end, remember that you can contact me at any time, plus I'm actively looking for parties, bars, cafes, and any social event you can think of. And to finish and to advertise myself a little bit even though I don't deserve it yet, I'm going to leave you my Twitter *Vlak Kraken's, follow me with your character accounts if you have one*, I know I haven't perfected my writing when it comes to explode a news, I hope to get it soon, this is what I get for going on a spiritual retreat...I'll tell you about it.
I wish you a happy May and lots of parties and effective trainings.

Best wishes, Vlak Kraken.

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