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Tragg Mad Journal part 5

Hello. It's been awhile since i updated. After finishing endwalker, i started working on heavensward.

I kind of lost the feel for tragg mad so i decided to change up my character look again and went with a female miqtoe character. At first it was hyur than i decided miqtoe. Its better then just making a new character and starting over which i don't want to do. I decided to also work on red mage more just for a different feel. I like it so far. I just got up to level 52 with it. For the story, i'm slowly progressing. I still do more on Luke right now. I'm not in a hurry because i'm still waiting for them to update the dungeons. Then i also have to wait for them to do storm blood. I may just break from the game when i get to that point. Maybe just do on and off subscriptions. I started college so my workload is top heavy. I probably wont cancel til january since i have a break in december. But i like i said i'll be on and off if i cancel at all.

Other than that, i did a little bit of decorating in my apartment and then i decided to get Luke an apartment in Kugane. Easiest way to get a cheap teleport there. So far heavensward is pretty good. I'm really looking forward to shadowbringers because i have been doing those dungeons on Luke and it looks really interesting. Stormblood i heard it wasn't that great but i'm still in for the story. The game has grown on me a lot. I thought about doing new game plus with Luke to do that portion but i like the leveling portion too.

That is all for now. I will update when i have more to go on.
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