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What Makes It Special

I'm a sprout. I am a sprout's sprout.

For some probably ungood reason, I spent a long time not jumping into FFXIV. Couldn't tell you why...well, I can a little bit. There were a ton of F2P MMOs out there to keep me busy.

However, I have since discovered through playing my first 50 levels that there is something extremely unique and even magical about FFXIV and its player base. There are other MMOs out there with good player bases but FFXIV's players are immersed, thoughtful, creative, helpful, funny, and just embrace the world fully.

This leads to how I came to finally dive into the game.

Meet Delightra. I actually met her in another game and we hit it off. It was pretty crazy how in tune we were with each other. Extremely smart and capable, she can basically do anything she puts her mind to. She's got a wicked sense of humor and yet is very thoughtful. She's often thinking of others more than herself and it just makes her someone I admire and look up to. So, she was kind of burnt out on the other game and was feeling the itch to come back to FFXIV and she basically played in the evenings. At the same time, I was usually on the other game. As she mentioned her wish to go back she would in the same breathe mention that she would miss chatting and hanging out with me. Gahh, soft spot activated. She went on to mention that they allowed you to play 60 levels for free, so by that weekend, I made the move.

She and I created characters, her a Pugilist/Monk you see above and me a sword and board tank/Paladin. That Sunday I was so enamored with the early experience that I paid for the game and haven't looked back. Delightra and I have been leveling together and it's probably been the best part. Getting to experience stuff together...laughing, joking, cussing...all of it.

The game on its own is remarkable and worth it. But playing alongside Delightra brought the heart of it to the experience. As an example, we just finished the Praetorium questline and got the ability to fly and the Magitek mount. As I finally made it out of the sands, she was there waiting patiently for me to try out the flight and the mount. There I was flying and bouncing all over with them like a 12-year-old. And she was there smiling at my newfound joy. It makes for a special memory, I tell ya.

If you can find your Delightra, then you will be rich in the soul too!

See ya in-world.

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

I have my Delightra, her name is Aria and has been my best friend and game wife in FF14 for over 5 years now.

Yes, it's nice when you can find someone like that, someone to adventure with, shoot the breeze with, do silly things with. It makes the game a LOT more fun.

Keep her for a LONG time. ;-)

Gliss Gliss

Goblin [Crystal]

We welcomes you from the Shadow Bunnies Club, and hopes you enjoys your stay, while 'sporing the many mysteries of Ee-yore-Zee-ah !
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