Guardian Angel

Alexandra Bleckson

Ragnarok (Chaos)

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Body (Quick to the Poncho): Cashmere Poncho, Ramie Poncho, Serge Poncho, Pagos Bolero, Arachne Bolero, Rainbow Bolero of Striking, Arachne Robe, Astral Silk Robe

Hands (Giving the Fingerless): Fingerless Leather/Hard Leather/Goatskin/Boarskin/Peisteskin/Raptorskin Gloves, Fingerless Goatskin/Boarskin/Peisteskin/Raptorskin Gloves of Gathering, Brigand's Gloves, Sipahi Gloves

Legs (Mountain Bred): Nomad's Breeches of Fending/Maiming/Striking/Scouting/Aiming/Casting/Healing, Kudzu Culottes of Crafting/Gathering.

Cropped Flannel/Woolen Slops, Extreme Survival Slops, Best Man's Slacks, Linen / Survival Halfslops were 3/4 stars previously.

Feet (Dueling Duelist): Boots of the Defiant/Daring Duelist, Boots of the Red/Ghost/Lost Thief, Plague Bringer's/Doctor's Shoes
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