Alexandra Bleckson

The Emblazoned

Ragnarok (Chaos)

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Head (Cap in Hand): Postmoogle Cap, Flat Cap, Skallic Cap of Aiming/Casting, Skallic Cap of Striking/Scouting/Healing, Ironworks/Carbonweave Cap of Gathering, Augmented / Tacklekeep's Cap, Augmented / Millkeep's Cap, Millmaster's Cap
Speculative: Atrociraptorskin Cap of Gathering, Aesthete's Cap of Crafting, Nabaath Cap of Healing, Millfiend's Cap, Calfskin Rider's Cap, Augmented / Neo-Ishgardian Cap of Fending/Maiming/Aiming/Healing, Red/Black-feathered Flat Hat, Replica / Sky Pirate's Cap of Casting/Healing, Augmented / Millking's Cap, Augmented / Hidekeep's Cap, Hidemaster's Cap, Augmented / Boltking's Cap, Storm Elite's Cap, Bogatyr's Cap of Aiming, Spriggan Cap, Tigerskin Cap of Gathering, Nomad's Cap of Scouting/Aiming, Augmented / True Linen Cap of Aiming/Scouting, Void Ark Cap of Aiming/Scouting
Body (Weird Science):
Speculative: Dark Divinity Feldr, Robe of the Divine Harvest/Death, Ramie Robe of Casting/Healing, Replica / Sky Pirate's Coat of Casting/Healing, Alchemist's Coat, Augmented /Cauldronkeep's Overcoat, Cauldronmaster's Overcoat, Augmented / Cauldronking's Coat, Cauldronfiend's Coat, Prototype / Alexandrian Jacket of Healing/Aiming, Prototype / Alexandrian Coat of Casting/Scouting, Replica / Allagan Tunic of Healing/Casting, Antiquated / Machinist's Shirt, Antiquated / Gunner's Coat, Weathered / Gunslinger's Coat, Astral Silk/Chivalric Doublet of Casting/Healing, Astral Silk/Arachne Robe, Pagos/Arachne Bolero, Rainbow Bolero of Striking, Augmented / Lost Allagan Coat of Casting/Healing, Augmented / Scaeven Coat of Casting/Healing, Augmented / Shire Preceptor's Coat, Carbonweave/Ironworks Apron of Crafting, Replica / Dreadwyrm Robe of Healing, Replica / Dreadwyrm Robe of Casting, Plague Bringer's/Doctor's Coat, Field Commander's Coat, Filibuster's Coat of Healing, Filibuster's Coat of Casting, Replica / High Allagan Coat of Healing, Ivalician Arithmetician's/Chemist's Robe, Prototype / Midan Coat of Casting/Healing
Legs (Check and Check): Wind Silk Bottoms, Ruby Cotton Bottoms, Ghost Barque Bottoms of Casting
Feet (Short Boots): Scion Adventurer's Boots, High House/Archaeoskin Halfbootoos, Augmented / Shire Pankratiast's Boots
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