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First Journal Entry

I just recieved this journal in the mail, with a letter attached from father.

It's great hearing news about him and mama, delivering that package must've been hard!. Thank you brave and adorable Moogle!.
He gave me this leatherbound journal so I could "keep track of my many adventures in Eorzea". When I told him I wanted to leave, he was so against it, makes me happy to see him supporting me like this.

A lot has happened since I got here! I've been running all around the continent, helping people with small and large tasks. There are a lot of lazy bums that will ask you to deliver stuff for them (looking at you, N'tanmo), but there are also a lot that truly need help.
My dream of being a brave adventurer and a great warrior is becoming a reality little by little, it's very exciting but also extremely exhausting hahah!

Fresh off the boat

The plaza in Limsa is kinda crazy. Nothing alike my little village

While adventuring, my deeds were recognized and got recruited into the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (shhh, big secret, don't tell anybody) and into Limsa's Grand Company. I really wanted to be a lone wolf, but these people needed my help!. At least I refused to do the company oath, that was too much for me.

The funny thing is when I saw Merlwyb for the first time, I thought she was Evil hahaha.

She does have a piercing gaze

When the Scion's HQ was attacked, I couldn't believe it. The empire is ruthless, I fear for Eorzea.
Thankfully we could save our friends, but now we are at war.
Maybe father was right and I was too young for this... But these people believe in me, What am I supposed to do? Cut my tail and run away?.
The great hero Zidane once said "You don't need a reason to help people". I will always keep that to heart.

I think this got a little heavy, sorry Journal!. I think next I will write about the wounderful people I've met in this continent♡.
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