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The Way To Cooperation

At the Rising Stones…

“Hmph!” Feo Ul puffed up her cheeks. She was still visiting at the Source, even tough she loved to visit the new world, she was furious that neither Cleo or Krohman had been in need of her yet.
“Here I am, waiting and waiting and waiting. But not even once are they uttering my name. Such cruel things they are. Cold, cruel and heartless!”

“Murrr,” Krehmia cooed from her crib, stretching her hands toward the pixie. The pixie soon melted by Krehmias’ adorableness.

“Ooohhh,” Feo Ul said.
“But I can’t stay angry at them, can I little one?”

”If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have belived it,” Kressiah Ark said while sipping her tea. Priya nodded while watching the pixie, Feo Ul cooing and playing with Krehmia Ark. It was still… strange to see a pixie right before their eyes.

While Draco was away, Priya visited the Rising Stones daily to watch over the Scions in slumber. Since also, Thancred Waters was her son in law. Kressiah Ark was also visiting to watch over Y’shtola, her daughter in law. So now, both of them were drinking tea together, getting to know each other.

“Hm?” Feo Ul suddenly looked up.


Ys Lala laughed rolling on the ground as the Scions glared at the pixies, completely upset. They had been given many tasks, but some of the tasks were also pranks wich enjoyed the pixies to their hearts’ content. And the latest task, Pockets had been ordered to pick some fruits, but when shaking the tree lots of bugs appeared to attack.

Not seeing the fun in that, Cleo had tried to scold the pixies since Pockets could’ve been injured. The pixies only shrugged their shoulders.

“If there's one thing we pixies are serious about, it's having fun!” they said.
“Dull and painful things? Hate, hate, hate them! Sin eaters are dull and painful both, so we hate them especially!”

“This rate,” Thancred sighed.
“They will never get satisfated and we’ll never be able to slay the Lightwarden here!”

Cleo drummed her fingers. There had to be a way to negotiate with them…

“Feo Ul,” Cleo said clasping her hands together.

“Of course, she can help us,” Krohman replied.

“You both knew a pixie from before?” Thancred asked staring in surprise at them. Cleo nodded and told about the pact.
“And even made a pact with her!? You could’ve mentioned it sooner!”

Cleo sighed. Of course she could’ve, but a lot of things had been happening…

“Can you just please summon Feo Ul?” Skan asked. He was tired of shooing the pixies away whenever they tried to braid his long hair and decorate it with flowers. Cleo found an empry area at the field.

“Feo Ul,” Cleo called.

“So! My sapling has finally remembered about her lovely branch!” Feo Ul cried.
“But with such a half-hearted call, she may as well lop me off and cast me aside! Hmph, I have no sapling!”

She was angry.

“Please, Feo Ul, I need you.” Cleo groveled.

“Hmph, is that your idea of a fervent call? A sodden log could do it with more fire!”

Cleo sighed.

“O loveliest of branches, please grant me your succor!”

“Grr… unnngh… You…you!”

Feo Ul then finally appeared.

“You’re late! Late, late, late!” Feo Ul complained.
“I’ve been waiting for you to summon me ever since you came here! Waiting, and waiting and waiting! But my sapling didn’t so much as utter my name! Such a heartless thing she is! Cold and cruel and heartless!”

“I’m so sorry Feo Ul,” Cleo said with an apoligizing look. Thancred and the others watched the whole scene.

“Another self-important little brat,” Alisaie sighed.
“Just what we need.”

“Reminds me of my childhood,” Alphinaud chuckled. Alisaie looked at her twin brother and grabbed his collar.

“So I was a brat, huh!?!” Alisaie growled.

“It was just a joke,” Alphinaud cried.
“Honestly, just a joke!”

Alisaie let go of her brother. In the meantime, Feo Ul accepted Cleo’s apoligize for neglecting her.

“I can’t stay angry at you,” Feo Ul said giving Cleo a hug. She even agreed to help them persuade the pixies to lift the spell around Il Mheg. Both Cleo and Feo Ul made their way back to the village.

“All right, listen up you pranksters!” Feo Ul shouted to the other pixies. The Scions backed away from the angry pixie.
“These mortals are mine! No matter what you do, they will never be yours! Never, never, ever!”

“Can’t we keep the others?” the pixies asked trying.

“No, no, no! You can’t keep them either! They for my amusement and mine alone! And if you even lay so much a finger on my saplings, I’ll scatter the contents of their bags all over your precious village!”

Cleo and Krohman looked at each other worried. Did Feo Ul mean it seriously?

“There’ll be cold, hard metal! Furry, festering food! Stinky, sweaty smallclothes! And… and all manner of other terrible unimentional things! How would you like that, hmm?”

Taking that threat seriously, the pixies agreed to lift the spell, as long as they could play with the twins. Once the speel was lifted, Cleo gazed in awe at scenery before her. All the place looked like Coearhas, exept that the snow was missing.

“We better hurry to Urianger,” Thancred said as he leaded the way.
“For the sakes of Alphinaud and Alisaie!”

It was a long walk to where Urianger was living. The very first thing that met their eyes, was tons of books. Everywhere.

“Are you here, Urianger?” Thancred called. They heard the sound of footsteps coming from above.

“Unto a world weary of heroes, a hero wends her way… ”

“Yup, he’s home,” Skan said crossing his arms.

“The Exarch did send word that thou wouldst seek me out, but ne’er did I imagine thou wouldst arrive so soon…”

At first Cleo didn’t recognize Urianger, she wasn’t used to see his whole face as it usually was covered with his hood and goggles. But now, he was wearing black robes, gold armbrands and astrology pendants.

Thancred handed a bag over to Minfilia.

“Would you be so kind and imbue some?” he asked. Minfilia sighed and went outside, clearly sad that Thancred didn’t want her to hear the conversation that was coming. They told Urianger of the recent events that had led them to Eulmore. Urianger listened while placing some of his cards at the table.

“We were told that you had a vision when you and Y’shtola drifted over to the First,” Cleo carefully asked. Esper hadn’t filled her in with all the details of what he had claimed to see.

“Aye,” Urianger said as he lifted a card from the table. It was showing a sign that looked like death.
“Hark thee, then, to my words, and through them behold the vision that I did glimpse – that of the Eight Umbral Calamity.”

Seeing the card Urianger held, Cleo’s head throbbed by the echo, but this time it was so different. She was seeing old memories that had happened, the time when the Exarch hadn’t summoned them at all.


Cleo was sitting at the room where the Alliance had their meeting about how to deal with Garlemald. Thancred came up with his suggestion of spreading the rumors of Zenos being a puppet.

Cleo then suddenly stormed off out of the room feeling unwell. When the meeting was over, Cleo had decided to check with a doctor if something ailed her. The healer, Kali examinated her.

“Congratulations,” she said when she was done. Cleo stared at her with big eyes.
“You’re… let’s see, two months on the way.”

“Am I… going to be a mother?” Cleo asked. She shared the news with Thancred who almost then fainted of happiness. But little did they know of the events to come…
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Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Great read cleo! ❤️❤️

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Cleo.

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Thanks Espy and Klausie <3

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

I ❤️ Feo Ul so much ^^

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

I think everybody loves Feo Ul <3 And I thought that it would be cute that Krehmia liked the pixie and likewise ^^

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

nice chapter!

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Thanks Mahdi :)
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