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The Nu Mou

«Oh, no you don't! Back you go, tee hee hee!»

«This is getting annoying!» Krohman cried, once again being teleported back by some pixies who weren’t from Lydha Lran.

«We really don’t have time for this!» Thancred hissed as he and Minfilia had been teleported back a third time. The pixie’s laughed out loud.

«This have gone to far,» Cleo said. She took a deep breath, before she yelled at them.
«That’s enough!»

The whole group almost fell aback of Cleo’s sudden cry, even the pixies seemed frightened.

«I’ve about had it with your mischief!» Cleo continued with a stern voice toward the pixies. Their expressions were like children being scolded.
«You should be ashamed of yourself for behaving like this! You should know better!»

Cleo took a stance crossing her arms.

«Well? What do you have to say for yourself?» she asked toward them still with a stern voice. Everone was silent.

«Cleo,» Skan said slowly.
«I don’t think a good scolding is going to solve anything!»

«She’s scary!» one of the pixies said meakly.

«We don’t wan’t to get her mad again at us again,» the other one said.
«So we’ll be good…»

«All right, that’s a promise!» Cleo said sternly. She then pointed the pixies toward Lydha Lran.
«Now you go and help the pixies of Lydha Lran keeping invaders away, or else they’ll ruin your land!»

The pixies hurried away from them.

«You know,» Thancred whispered toward the others.
«I had almost forgotten that Cleo is to be a chief someday!»

«Yeah,» Krohman said.
«She’ll have to be like this if someone of the Fang tribe misbehaves!»

They then continued toward the NuMou village.


Kressiah peeked toward the hill again at Mor Dhona. Yup. Priya was still standing there. She was staring at Crystal Tower. Having Tataru watch over Krehmia while she napped, Kressiah appeared next to Priya.

«It was here he battled,» Priya said after a while.
«Draco and the wyrms against Garlemald.»

«I know of that battle,» Kressiah said crossing her arms and stared toward the top. The body of Midgarsormr coiled around the Agrius.
«But that’s not the reason you’re here. You’re waiting for Cleo to return!»

Priya sighed. Kressiah knew that she was right.

«I really understand that you’re worried,» Kressiah said.
«I too wouldn’t have been fond of the idea of my daughter traveling to a another world while with child!»

«Sometimes…» Priya said.
«Sometimes I wonder if Cleo is blaming me… for everything.»

«Where did that come from?» Kressiah asked confused. Priya sat down on the edge.

«I was all alone, without a healer while giving birth to Cleo,» Priya said.
«It’s… the most frightfull thing I ever experienced. Being alone for a long time, crying!»

From what Kressiah had learned, Draco wasn’t a part of the Fang tribe from that time around. It was only after he had left back to Dravania that Priya learned she was pregnant. But still, to protect both him and Cleo when the Garleans terrorized Eorzea, Priya kept Draco’s identety hidden for Cleo. Therefore, she had grown up without a father for her whole life.

«I don’t think she’s blaming you,» Kressiah said after a long while.
«But it’s obvious that Cleo don’t want her child to grow up without a father!»

Priya nodded. She then grabbed Priya by her wrist.

«I think I know what you need,» she said while dragging her back to the Rising Stones.
«You better keep practicing skills as a coming grandma. Little Krehmia always purrs when someone holds her while she naps.»


It hadn’t been easy convincing the Nu Mou about handing over the scepter of Titania. The only way they would agree to it was letting the Scions bestowed upon their patronage to them.

So everyone was handling their own tasks as time was running short.

I really hope that the pixies manages to keep the Eulmoreans away! Cleo thought as she and Minfilia were on their way toward the lair of the lawless ones. They stolen ink from the Nu Mou and so Cleo and Minfilia paired up together to retrive it.

«They don’t look friendly,» Minfilia whispered toward Cleo. She smiled toward Minfilia patting her head.

«Don’t worry, Minfilia,» Cleo said.
«I’ll make sure that they won’t harm you!»

Cleo readied her staff and casted a sleeping spell inside the cave. It didn’t take long before they could hear snoring from inside the cave.

They gathered the ink and hurried out of the cave before the lawless ones would awake from their sleep. Once they reached a safe spot, Cleo needed to catch her breath. One of the things with being pregnant was that she would be feeling more tired and exhausted.

«Are you sure that you should fight against the Lightwarden?» Minfilia asked worried.

«I managed to take down the Lightwarden in Lakeland,» Cleo said.
«Besides, I won’t be alone!»

Minfilia sighed and looked down.

«Thancred really doesn’t like this,» Minfilia said.
«You fighting while bearing a child!»

«I know,» Cleo said.

«Thancred once told me… » Minfilia said.
«If the efforts to summon you failed, it would fall to me to face the Lightwardens!»

So that explains Thancred’s outburst back then! Cleo realized.

«I realized then that it was the only reason he kept me close- asa contingency. The truth is… he can’t stand to be around me!»

«Wha…» Cleo said shocked.

«Because I’m not her. I’m not his Minfilia!»

«So you do know…» Cleo asked carefully. Minfilia told her everything she experienced while in Nabaath Areng. She just knew the moment the real Minfilia was talking to Thancred through her. Cleo really felt for her, that feeling of someone hating her…

Cleo rose up and hugged Minfilia close to her. She could feel Minfilia’s tears at her bossom.

«It’s okay,» Cleo said.
«You can cry out. Don’t hold your feelings inside of you!»

Minfilia held her arms around Cleo and sobbed. They then heard a cry or a roar coming from the castle. An image of Titania appeared in their minds. Titania was angry for being sealed inside for long. When the image disappeared, Minfilia and Cleo knew that they had to hurry back to the Nu Mou.
Comments (7)

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Cleo

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Must love those pixies yus yus

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Thanks Klaus.

Must admit, Cleo's scolding toward the pixies was inspired by Serah when she was scolding those flans in ffxiii-2 XD

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

they deserve it!!

good work cleo!

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Thanks Mahdi :)

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Great read.

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Thanks Kahori ^^
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