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Week 2

Second week in, and I've found my footing. The plan is still the same:

1) Complete 2.0
2) Level all available jobs to 50
3) Complete 2.1 - 3.0
4) Level all available jobs to 60
5) Complete 3.1 - 4.0
6) Level all available jobs to 70
7) Complete 4.1 - 5.0
8) Level all available jobs to 80
9) Complete 5.1 - current
10) Level all available jobs to 90

I'm currently on step 4 and not taking into account BLU, which I'll eventually do. I've leveled BLU to cap at least 3 times, completely filling out the spell book each time. It is not something I'm really looking forward to. One day, I may get bored enough to do it.

I will likely take a break from leveling combat classes to start power leveling the crafters/gatherers. I'm in Ishgard now, so I have access to my favorite spot to craft/gather. I may also take a detour from PotD to get back into PVP.

To that end - this week:
- MSQ from 2.1 all the way to the end of 3.0.
- Did the Crystal Tower Raids
- PLD from 50 to 55
- WAR from 50 to 55
- MNK from 52 to 60
- DRG from 51 to 54
- NIN from 50 to 54
- SAM from 55 to 60
- WHM from 32 to 54
- SCH/SMN from 50 to 60
- BRD from 51 to 60
- MCH from 30 to 60
- AST from 30 to 54
- DRK from 30 to 55
- Unlocked DNC and GNB

No movement on RDM or BLM. I'm saving those for doing daily roulettes for more tomes.

Focus for the next week:
- All jobs to 60
- Continue with the MSQ toward completion of 4.0.
- Work on getting shire gear for MNK/SAM and BRD/MCH/DNC.
- Work on getting ironworks gear for all others. Plan is to level them up via the MSQ roulette, and the lvl 50 alliance raids.

Something neat I did find, I didn't know there was another floor in the golden saucer. Been playing this game since the day it released, and I'm sure it hasn't been there this entire time. I was sitting in the Golden Saucer, and I noticed a NPC that said it was a lift attendant. Realized that is where the Chocobo racing and minion fights were at. I never partook in those functions, so I never had to find it.

As well, I have found my main for this play through: MNK. I finally got over the hill on learning its rotation and getting the muscle memory of the 2:2:3 rotation down. What sucks is that I level it so fast due to the double XP that I have to switch over to other jobs during the MSQ or I'll over-level it past my personal criteria. Through HW, I juggled MNK, BRD, and MCH. Usually using BRD and MCH to do the normal story quest stuff, and MNK to run through the dungeons/trials.

Last time I seriously played MNK was probably in 2014. All I remember is that ninja had just come out. I've tinkered with it since then, but never really gave it a fair shake until now. While I cannot exactly remember my gripes with the job before (other than hating the feeling of losing Greased Lightning during a fight for any reason), I can confidently say that I really like this incarnation.

Also, I. Hate. Paladin. With a burning passion. If you like it, that is wonderful. But I cannot stand it. I've never felt so weak. I know PLD's claim to fame is good uptime and consistent damage throughout, but I don't have my magic rotation yet. Maybe my mind will open up once I get access to that. I have honestly thought of boosting it just so I don't have to touch it until I get into Endwalker content. Warrior drags on me a bit, which is strange as that used to be my favorite. I used to hate DRK most of all, but I've really learned to love it.

Still hate WHM. That's never changed. Probably never will. Still love AST. That will also probably never change. DRG is still as dull as dishwater for me. I know it gets more interesting as the job levels up. Same with all jobs. I'm more talking about the core rotation. I think my newfound bias towards MNK's free flow combo system has put me off of the standard 1/2/3 combo-based jobs, which is just about all of them.

Still eyeballing the possibility of buying a house again. The market is wide open on Dynamis, but the population is borked. Mulling the proposition of purchasing real estate when there isn't much going on. I do want to change my Chocobo's color, but I can just get an apartment for that. Knowing me, I probably will buy a house. I haven't checked the prices, but I would assume it is still somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 mil for a small plot.

Back to the grind.

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