N'yami Sennah

Defender of Eorzea

Sagittarius [Chaos]

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Archon Thesis: Chronicles of the Star

"Well, I guess I had better introduce myself, then!"
"My name is N'yami Sennah, freelance historian and archivist, at your service!"

I was born in a little hamlet known as Owl's Nest, almost twenty and five summers past. My mother was a travelling conjurer, and for the first few years of my life I lived within the relative safety of the hamlet nestled in the Coerthan Eastern Highlands.

So, naturally from a young age, I travelled a lot! I saw much of the realm before my fifth nameday, from Limsa all the way across to Gridania where my mother often spoke with the Conjurer's guild.

It made me realise that this land had such a rich vibrant history waiting to be recorded and kept safe for future generations! And then of course- well, I was a little child at the time but all that happening in Mor Dhona left me with a strange sense of premonition! I found I could walk through the past like pages of a storybook, seeing and smelling and touching it with my own senses, as if I were there!

As if that wasn't enough, just as I were to set off for Old Sharlayan, the Calamity took hold and claimed the lives of so many. My mother, may the Twelve look after her, gave her life healing the injured on the battlefields of Carteneau- selfless to the last. It was at that point I knew I should, no, had to record these stories, these activities... so that those in the future could learn from the past.

So, with this in mind, I begin my journey as an archivist, a scholar with a monumental task ahead of me. I will gather all the history of this star, and with it, gain the rank of Archon!

May the Crystal guide you,
-N'yami Sennah
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