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AIEN KIEN FC Exchange Meeting

I thought it might be nice to quickly post a blog post with some screenshots from today's FC "Exchange Meeting" (I'm not sure if that's an accurate translation though)

Everyone gathered and discussed what's been going lately for them, such as clearing something like Heaven-on-High or some other accomplishment.

People also talk about what they've been simply doing lately.

It's a really nice, casual and friendly way to meet up with everyone and just catch up with everyone.

Basically there's an FC alliance set with a password.
The FC leader welcomes everyone, says they'll call on everyone, one person at a time and that when you're done with what you want to say then say 以上です (meaning you're done with what you're saying/doing)

Then the FC leader will call upon the next person to give an update about IRL or in game (typically in game usually always)

We all gather at the FC, sit around and just discuss.

I really love that feature of the FC I know it's a small thing but it's such a great idea that I wish other FCs had back when I was in them.

Honestly this is just a very quick write-up because I wanted to just write about it before I forgot or became side tracked. But I think later I might elaborate more and write more details about the event.

I'm hoping others may see it and get inspired for their own FC to do something similar.
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Layla Flora

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That's a rave!

Yes, it's not that big of a deal, but the opportunity to get together regularly to talk about other things might be important.

I'm not very good at getting involved with other people, but I'd like to build relationships that allow me to play with them while maintaining a good distance. That's why I like this FC. :)
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