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ShB Eden Savage Tank Thoughts

So I finally had the chance to learn how to tank all of the Eden Savage raids and I'm officially holding the tank slot for my raid group next tier. Thank god no more melee. So I figure I would interject my thoughts on the tank changes, how the fights tank and do some cross comparing to previous fights and tiers.

E1s- By far my favorite fight as a tank of the entire tier. Overall this fight actually has a bit of stuff to do for a tank. We have multiple mechanics plus a few swaps. I label a few phases as the "Tank Mechanic" section. Both tanks get hit with a beam, you have a shared buster that requires a invul and swap or mitigate and swap. Then finally a dot buster that "seems" to do more dot depending on how well its mitigated.

Tanks can bait the way the boss will jump depending on positioning as well. You have adds that need to be grabbed, quickly positioned then be interrupted. So far as a GNB rotation wise this fight seems to line up pretty well when not holding your cd's. My only real gripe behind this class is the fact quite a bit of the mechanics and raid wide damage are % based. Like 75% of your health so if you tanking and this mechanic goes off and your lower on health or not topped up quickly its easy to die to these mechanics. Like that whm that keeps casting glare although your shouting your about to die. Overall good stuff :)

e2s- This fights ok, tanks share the busters and its not threat based. Automatically targets two tanks as long as they both are alive. Not impressed with that, but whatever. One to two swaps depending on flare mechanic. Positioning of the boss can be awkward at times. Mitigation wise everything lines up well. Overall not that impressed with this fight. It's not bad but its not that interesting as a tank.

e3s- This fight sucks. Let me go on record and say I hate any fight that forces you to disengage the boss randomly for a set period of time based on mechanics. If you get the super bomb your screwed on like 3 gcds. Same for first flare if your group can't take it to the face, which is 90% of PF groups. All of the buster can be invul'd and both tanks take splash damage. So the only real mitigation is a plan to reduce as damage from auto's as possible. Overall makes the fight extremely uninteresting.

e4s- Pretty decent fight overall as a tank except for one major issue. First uplift, tanks and healers go south. If your dps don't run full north for this tanks with blue must go all the way south or you will nuke the dps forcing a massive loss in downtime. Now ultimately this is strat issue more so then poor fight design. So overall I give this fight a huge thumbs up especially when comparing the other fights. This is by far the most challenging fight as a tank this tier. However if I'm honest when comparing this fight to fights of old. At least final floor fights it's just extremely uninteresting overall.

As a tank these fights are just ok. Most of them are uninteresting and don't hold any real unique mechanics for tanks to balance. With threat being so easy to control now I feel like it will be extra challenging for SE to come up with something that brings back some difficulty to tanking. Right now I feel its just a striking dummy with tons of available cd's to use whenever I want. To be honest I would like to see invul's be removed from the game or only allow once use per fight period. This would require people to execute mechanics as intended and not cheese their way through them.
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