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Ultros (Primal)

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Adventure Log

My name is Strider Syhrwilfsyn. I am a Roegadyn Sea Wolf, and have been wandering most of my life. I believe I have found my new home, Gridania. Ironically, this is a lush forest and quite temperate comparative to my native homeland and the oceans braved in mt youth.

Knowing the the life of a seafarer was not for me, my father, who's names is a rough translation of Fearless Wolf, sent me packing to explore the world in my 25th year. And advise me I take a translated name instead of my traditional Roegadyn name, I simplified this to be Strider. I am not sure of how I got to Gridania, but I have decided to make this my new home. The aether visions still plague me, with a much more real clarity then before.

While I am a lancer, I much prefer to build things with my hands, but I have noticed that there is some strangeness in the air and will be refining my combat skill to investigate, just in case. It seems the calamity of 5 years past was just a precursor of things to come.

I have started my carpentry profession and will be using my love of nature to help provide me with the materials needed. If I can be of service, please let me know.
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