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Pretending to be a big girl

Saw a bard today that was so splendidly dressed that I had to stop and take notice. Not every man could pull that look off.

I was good and ran my dailies. It really shouldn't take me this long to get my mount but I get distracted.

Tonight I went on my first dungeon that wasn't story line since hitting 50. My amazing and supportive FC buddy Ramza came along. I attempted some new macros and strategy that I'd been reading about the last couple of days. 5 minutes and 2 party deaths later the very nice BLM that was along asked if I was new to healing. Once I explained the issue they were very nice. I put things back like they were and made it through ok.

When I say ok, I died two more times but considering my skill at dungeon running I was just happy that we didn't wipe. A fun dungeon that I will run again. I'm going to have to attempt a screenshot of getting thrown because that's just funny.

After the dungeon I went to something a little more my speed. Making a stack of woolen yarn in HQ. While my adoring husband looks on.
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