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Today is my last day before my subscription finish.

Exactly 30 days I have spend on Eorzea.
One month feels a while, even though it’s only a month or so.

Pray I’ll have a safe flight ✈️ this Wednesday.

And well…

I dream to be a journalist.

Many people in here also seems enjoy my blog.

I fight hard to my parents I wanted to be a writer.. Like Violet!

Except well of course I don’t write letters.. Who still write letter these days anyway?
Getting my dad’s permission is super hard.

I had my own struggle, depression, sadness and honestly, if I think about it,
my dad is just a plain cruel man. I also had my throat feeling sore after fighting off with my dad that I wanted to pursue this dream I have been wanting for a while, to be honest. Cough every night, sad as well.

He believes caging me is the best decision ever. Can’t believe he thinks God will be on his side.
I don’t know what is inside his brain anymore. And mom continuously defending him. I just don’t know what to say anymore to both of my parents.

But yeah, I am grateful with the support of friends and acquaintances of Final Fantasy.
You all been helping me a lot.

Thank you so much.
Your comments and help also been very helpful to me.

I hope nothing bad happening on my flight to North America.
And well.. I hope I bring a good news once I’m there..

Comments (6)

Ridthy Sereiy

Tiamat (Gaia)

Looking forward to see your great news.
See you again.

Himawari Tane

Goblin (Crystal)

Thanks. See you.

Shureii Shosu

Tonberry (Elemental)

See you again Mochi.
We'll be waiting at the pier near the arcanist guild as usual

Himawari Tane

Goblin (Crystal)

Thanks Shu… 🥰

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Safe Travels to North America Mochi :0)

Baqoy Tayuun

Tonberry (Elemental)

I always love reading how much FF means to people, and it seems eorzea has treated you well the last month! Hope your travels go well ^^!
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