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Konbawa / Konichiwa !

Happy to announce sub leader of <<TOKYO>> has return to Eorzea.

Well I wanted to return on Endwalker, but today I got woken up in the middle of the night.. I mean morning to be precise, around 4 AM in the morning. I woke up with a bit of feeling ache / loneliness inside me, so I decided to return to the game.

I decided to cosplay as Garnet Til Alexandros XVII from Final Fantasy 9. Fits my guild ranking name, "princess"(hime-sama) lol! Also my blackmage glamour:

Well I have been playing number of different Final Fantasy mobile games since my break from FFXIV. Been playing FF9, which is my very first FF btw, when I was 9 years old around, or 8 I used to watch my brother play FF9 on PlayStation 1. I remember he use to read copy version of FF9 guide book tediously cause he can't solve the game lol. Zidane also is a hilarious character unlike Cloud or Squall who tries to be calm and cool dude, he is the total opposite of those two. I enjoy playing FF9.

I also play the new counterstrike Final Fantasy, I think it was called Final Fantasy VII First Soldier.
This game reminds me of an anime called Gun Gale Online, you which you can use sword and also guns in the fight. Oh and magic as well, such as fire. Instead of throwing grenade, you can throw fire to people. I won couple times in the game. Though eventually I get kind of bored playing it over and over again.

Last but not least, yesterday I tried something new I never had before, in real life.
By my surprise, my auntie brought me Michelin Star ramen restaurant.
The restaurant called "Konjiki Ramen"

I have tried all kind of ramen from the one in Tokyo to the one in Indonesia or North America. But this is actually my first time trying Michelin Star Ramen (which is my first time hearing it). For those who don't know what is michelin star is, basically a restaurant that won an oscar . Tbh inside this restaurant it is pretty average and I decided to order their signature dish,

"Intense Shoyu"
the one on white bowl. Taste a bit different than the usual ramen I usually order: Tonkotsu Black. This ramen is has more strong taste in soy sauce and I think it was delicious =3 !
Other than that well.. I have been busy travelling in the new city I travelled for almost a month now, thank goodness I will go back to my childhood city in a week. Cause I can't wait to start my first day of working and start earn money already (lol)!

My guild leader Eris been watching the fc while I took a break. He also seems busy as usual, last time I asked what he is doing, he said, "In a meeting with government"

I was like 0.0?! My guild leader is a politician?! lol.

Anyway, I have only got one week left till I travel back to my home city.. I mean, I have 2 home city. My North America home city I guess. One of my high school friend found out I return back to the city, even though I plan to come back secretly lol. Well is fine, I can meet her sometime in the future.

Other than that.. Well, I have been thinking maybe is time for me to learn some Japanese sometime in 2022(next year) since I am running Japanese FC, might as well try.. Japanese community in my NA hometown is pretty big anyway, although I have to be honest, I tried learning JP a little..

So hard OMG Orz. I will try anyway, once I earn my pay check. I always wanted to learn it when I was little, but my parents never let me because they think it is kind of useless. But I will earn money on my own soon, they got nothing to say no?

Kind of funny when I first come back to my NA home city I saw a man speak my hometown language fluently, Indonesian/Bahasa. He was a hotel concierge. I thought he was Indonesian/Malaysian. He said "oh no I'm Japanese" . I was like WUT 0.o. His Indonesian language so good 0.0...!!

Also some picture I had on my travel with 2 floors train. Washroom included inside!
I really enjoy riding this train with beautiful view on the window. Train was very calm and quiet train, I get the feeling of escaping reality. I ended up riding this train for the whole day today.

I also been watching a Netflix series about a celebrity who is extremely talented at tidying up, her name is Marie Kondo.
Me and mom was watching her yesterday / two days ago. My mom told me, this woman reminds me of my Japanese teacher. As I recall.. Ah I remember. I used to go to a Japanese Manga school when I was little, and there is a nice lady there called Vera sensei. Her husband was my art teacher, and she teach Japanese language.

I said to mom yeah, she does looks a bit like her. Well it brings back memories hahahha. She also was the first who taught and introduced me to Japanese language too. When I was about.. 11-12 years old, we call every teacher in the school "sensei".

I wonder what happen to her now .. lol.
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